12:41 AM

I've published a few short vlogs since starting our little family Youtube channel and I want to share some of the vlogs that are already live. I have so much respect for the vloggers now who have gained so many subscribers and who have great and consistent content. Vlogging involves hard work and I honestly don't know what I have gotten myself into. Editing is taking so much of my time because I have zero editing experience under my belt. I surely hope that I'd be able to get the hang of it before I hang my vlogging gloves to rest.

I currently only use my iPhone 6 because the Nikon D7000 I own is super heavy to carry wherever I/we go. I also can't find my tripod and I might have left it in Denmark.

Anyway, I won't bore you any longer with a very lengthy introduction. Let me share the videos with you and if you can spare a tip or two that I can apply in this new venture, I would be very happy and appreciative.

If any of our videos interest you, please subscribe to our channel - bit.ly/viktoriasummertv. I plan to publish a vlog everyday if my schedule permits or maybe 3x each week and make the videos longer. Uploading these videos made me realize how slow a 5MB broadband speed is, so if we ever experience an encouraging reception for our channel then maybe I will invest in a faster internet connection subscription.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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