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We're traveling back to Denmark again early next year and my excitement is palpable and I could only beam with glee. There is also a possibility that I will travel with my university classmates to other EU countries and that would make 2017 a little bit more exciting. We have Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France on our list and if our schedule permits we will probably schedule a quick trip to Malmö, Sweden from Copenhagen before heading back to Manila.

I have to admit though that all these countries in our list are making me excited and at the same time left with a feeling that I don't know where to start with our itinerary. I'm tasked to plan our daily agenda - transportation between cities, attractions and places to see and explore, hostels or Airbnb accommodation as well as the budgetary requirements of our amazing EU getaway.

In case, it is not obvious yet, this blog post will be about my travel essentials wish list. Yes, another wish list! Who doesn't love accomplishing a wish list anyway? Introduce me to one and I'll give that person a hug. Haha! Kidding aside, if you haven't tried creating a wish list, I encourage you to do so because well it lets you work just a bit more to get what you want. It's also handy to have one just in case a loved-one asks what you want for your birthday, your anniversary, for Christmas or just about for any other occasion that warrants a gift.

Before I share my wish list, let me share my new discovery and where I plan to shop for my travel essentials.

Did the abovementioned features make you all the more excited? I'm sure you're curious to know how to get started and how to start buying items through the website. Here's a quick overview on how to place your first order right now. Like pronto! Ora mismo!

Uskoop, unlike any online shopping portal, is the only portal that allows an online shopper to 
"Tell us what you want to buy" vs "What we want to see to you"

SEARCH - for products you want to buy from Top Global Merchants on the world wide web.

COPY URL - after searching for products, copy the product URL or website link and paste it at the Uskoop site. After clicking the search icon, the product's full landed price (all local and international shipping costs, handling fees, all duties and taxes) will then be displayed.

CHECKOUT - when you proceed to checkout and after paying, the product will then be delivered to your specified address at a single fixed price.

Super easy peasy yeah?

You might ask me why I like to do my shopping online - well, for the simple reason that it is more convenient, I get good if not better deals and the world is just within reach using my fingertips and my keyboard. I don't need to do a beeline to the shopping mall only to be disappointed that they have the same items from season to season. So yes, I am ready to share with you the items that I want to buy through Uskoop and if you have any other suggestions, please do let me know so I can add it to my list.


Here's a screenshot of the parka from the Ralph Lauren website:  Should I pick the black or navy?

I'm including this jacket in my list because I read an online article that this year will be the coldest winter in Europe and so I am expecting that it will be the coldest spring as well next year. It might even be a colder summer than this year. I don't want to freeze my tropical self off while on vacation. I think it's better to sweat under a thick jacket than to freeze wearing thin clothes. What do you think? Of course, this will be perfect when we go and explore another hiking trail.


Here's a screenshot of the laptop bag from the Amazonwebsite:  Can you tell my favorite color?

My laptop bag gave up on me on our recent trip to Europe and I told myself that if I will buy a new one, I better get a durable bag and something I can wear on my back or push around when my back needs rest. I think this bag fits the bill especially that it also comes in my favorite color. Comfort and durability always trump price for me. How about you?


Here's a screenshot of my favorite leggings to date from the NeimanMarcus website:  

Would you believe me if I say that the most comfortable way to fly is to wear leggings? I love it! I really do! It feels like second skin to me. It also keeps me warm even when the plane temperature goes down. Leggings is basically a staple in my wardrobe plus even if I bring 10 pairs of leggings it won't really be bulky in my luggage. So much win!


Here's a screenshot of the Nike Air Max Sequent from the official Nike website:  

I would really love to hike again when we go back to Denmark. I just love the fresh air and the surroundings. I can walk and walk for hours without getting tired because of the wonderful nature to indulge in. Plus I get to have meaningful conversations with my husband when we hike. I couldn't wait.


Here's a screenshot of that I really want to buy from the website:  

I did a little bit of comparison and searched a local seller of this particular headphones and this is what I found out: 

Now scroll just a little bit up and check the Uskoop price again? That's a whopping Php 6,039.52 price difference. Now that's what I call a steal! What a good deal! Oh no, not good but super great deal!

What do you think of my list? I could shop more and easily devote at least a day for every online store but for now I just need the essentials. Here are more brands with an online presence that you need to check-out now.

If you have more questions about Uskoop, please visit their website for more information. Let me make this a tad bit sweeter for you though, after you visit the site and when you're ready to place your first order, take note of this discount code: UKSHOPTEN% to get a discount worth 10% on shipping and handling. Of course, please don't forget to follow Uskoop on social media.

Happy shopping my dear readers!

DISCLOSURE: This is my entry to the NuffnangPH and Uskoop Philippines Shop Globally blog contest. All thoughts, opinions, as well as suggestions mentioned in this post are entirely my own and were not influenced by any of the brands mentioned. I could win a shopping spree at the end of the contest and that is super super awesome!

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