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I'm a self-confessed shopaholic but overtime I've changed my shopping habits and I'm now more particular about the practical aspect of shopping than indulging in luxury and just spending my money left and right. I see to it that I prepare a shopping list before I go to the supermarket and I use the coupons that come with my annual planner because I want to save and I don't want to spend over my budget. One of my friend in the US, shared to me that she saves by clipping coupons in newspapers, printing coupons from online sources and using Groupon coupons. Really, at this day and age, shopping online is really a huge help for full-time moms like me. I don't have to make a beeline to the shopping mall and queue at the cashier to pay, not to mention the time you save when you prepare to go out as well as the time you spend to think about what clothes to wear and the time you save by not being stuck in traffic.

Now that the holiday season is just a hop, skip and jump away and I can almost smell the fresh pine tree leaves, I want to be able to finish my gift shopping early. I've started to list down the items I want to buy and I make sure that my gifts are well-thought off and are all practical. I'm not going to gift items from wasteland stores this time around.

I was so ecstatic to know that Victoria's Secret has available coupon codes and they are offering 70% discount on lounge wear. I'm sure my sister and my cousin will love the banded boyfriend capris and the slouchy sweatshirts. I plan to give my mom and dad a surprise so I'm not going to write about it here because my mom might be stalking my blog. Haha! Anyway, I'll buy some items to furnish our home from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The Black Friday deals are just so hard to resist and I am not turning my back on a 50% discount offer for kitchen items and 67% discount on select beddings. Shopping online is surely heaven sent! While all the shopping malls are closed at this time, I am starting to fill out my shopping cart with the excellent deals I am discovering. There's a eureka moment in almost every URL I open. While we're at it, let's strike while the shopping iron is hot eh? Visit Angie's List or for more shopping coupons. Hooray!

I love discount shopping and I could not possibly say no to any good deal. A penny saved is a penny that can be alloted to another item that you need or can be added to your much-awaited vacation fund. How about you? Do you refuse to shop and pay 100% too? What's your best tips to shop and save at the same time? How do you complete your Christmas gift shopping easily?

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