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Seals, unicorns, mermaids, monkeys, elephants, and rabbits hopping gleefully to and fro - those are the characters in the personalized book I ordered for my little darling doll SUMMER. The publishers of the book are on a mission to bring back the magical world for our little ones around the world - all in pursuit of making millions of children more curious, clever and kind. According to the book's website: The aim to bring back the magic and make children a part of it by combining the power of amazing stories, with the possibilities of technology, to create magical, personalized experiences for kids. Isn't that exciting! I am incredibly excited to add this book to our regular story time. I am quite sure my little darling will love it.

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name can be personalized for any kid you want to give the book to (if you like one for yourself, why not?). You just need to enter the kid's name (up to 12 characters) in the website and the magic of technology will generate the preview for you. One good thing is that you can change the animal or character of the story to suit your child's taste and preference.  Each of the characters will give the main character a letter that will form the complete name. The name is then assembled after the tale. After you order and pay, the book will then be published and shipped to you for free (anywhere in the world you are!)

The book looks like a classic high-end book and you can purchase one for only $29.99. Now, if you decide to order now, click my referral link to avail of 15% discount on your first order. The book is available in different languages - English, Deutsch, Español, Francais, Italiano, Dutch, and Chinese.

Reading is a habit that we need to teach our young ones. Huffington Post talks about how young should kids start reading in this article. If you ask me personally, I would recommend teaching our kids how to read as soon as they show the slightest interest. As soon as they start holding or staring at a flash card, slowly introduce small books and progress from there. Books are always better than mobile phone screens or televisions. We all want bright and smart children and as a parent we have the capacity to boost the learning potential of each of our children.

The book was created/illustrated by David Cadji-Newby and Pedro Serapicos.  Photo from Lost My Name Facebook Page
I am so excited to receive our book and I cannot wait to see Summer's reaction as soon as we start reading the book. I am sure she will be elated.

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