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Okay, where do I start? Do I start by telling you how I wanted so bad to getaway from the daily trappings of my everyday life or to get away (so far away) from the daily heavy traffic of Metro Manila or to just getaway from our comfortable yellow couch? Getaways, mini-vacations, staycations - you name it - we all crave for it and we all need it and the good news is that health experts strongly suggest for all of us to go on a getaway to improve our health in many ways.

Now that the year is about to end we need to ask ourselves how often we went on a break to allow our human batteries to recuperate and recharge? Most of us go on a break but most of us seem to not stop the catch-up with our demanding schedules. Our stress-levels are on a raging high and this is proven to be very detrimental to our physical and mental well-being as well as the relationships we maintain. We all need a break, no one is capable of functioning properly without it. The coming holidays would be the best excuse to take that proper break and I am going to take it no matter what.

In our generation, documenting a getaway through pictures is not a luxury anymore but rather a proof of the experience and a necessity at the same time. It almost translates to - if there's no picture of the getaway then it did not happen and all you have is a story, nothing more.

Where do I want to spend my holiday getaway?

If money was not a consideration, I would want to spend my holiday getaway in an amusement park in Copenhagen. I want to spend at least two days in Tivoli Gardens. I want to experience all the rides and forget about my deadlines. I want to try the scrumptious Danish pastries and Christmas treats and forget about calorie-counting. I want to quench my thirst with gløgg (mulled wine famous in Nordic countries) instead of soda. I want to be showered with snow and forget about the heat of our tropical country. Most of all, I want to just be! Enjoy the place, the surroundings, the people. I would like to feast my eyes on something that I don't see in our country.

How could you say no this photo captured perfectly by The New Diplomats Wife?

I can almost imagine the amount of photos that I will be taking using my camera and my mobile phone. I'll squeeze in a few video clips for good measure! I'd have a fun time trying out the different filters of the Oppo F1s camera when I go around Tivoli Gardens for sure. I'll probably use Bright and Candy the most because I want to see photos that are bright, crisp and invokes a sense of fun. My sister bought her own Oppo F1s phone a couple of months ago and she has raved about the phone non-stop so I plan to strike a deal with her and swap my phone with her so I can try out the amazing filters to capture my perfect winter wonderland holiday getaway.

Tivoli Gardens offers so many rides: Aquila, Bumper Cars, Ballongyngen, The Flying Trunk, Galley Ships, The Golden Tower, The Mine, The Monsoon, Spinning Top, Star Flyer and Vertigo. The kid friendly rides are the following: The Big Clock, Dragon Boats, Deer Carousel, The Fun House, The Light House, The Little Pilot, Nautilus, Petzi's World, The Panda, Rasmus Klump, The Temple Tower, Trolley Bus and Vintage Cars.

Apart from the rides, Tivoli Gardens boasts of the Pantomime Theater, The Tivoli Guard Boys, Aquarium, Amusement arcades, Tivoli Jackpot, Festivals, The Concert Hall, The Glass Theater, The Harmony Pavilion, The Open Air Stage and the Promenade Pavilion.

Did you know that Tivoli Gardens is the most visited theme park in Scandinavia?

Here are a few more photos from Gettty Images: Isn't Tivoli Gardens absolutely beautiful?

Tivoli Gardens is a place that you would want to go back to again and again. I've been there once and I still would choose to go back there again because I have experienced "happiness" in the country with the happiest people in the world and it was indeed one for the books.

The Oppo F1s will be the best holiday gadget for a holiday getaway because: 

1. It takes high-quality photos even in low-light conditions. Oppo F1s did not scrimp on the megapixels when it decided to peg its front camera at 16MP. It has a 1/3.1 sensor and f/2.0 aperture which allows more light to enter for that vibrant shot no matter what time of day and yes even on low-light conditions plus of course my all-time favorite "Beautify 4.0". Can you imagine documenting your holiday getaway and pictures come out sharp, clear, vibrant, and at the same time flattering? I'm sold with this feature alone. Bye-bye grainy selfies.  

Did you know that Oppo patented the screenflash and it is one of the many features of the F1s?

The 13MP rear camera would give mobile phones in the same class a run for its money. The aperture is slightly higher than the front camera and pegged at f/2.2. The rear camera is best used for landscapes, sceneries, action photos, food shots (of course!) and practically anything you want to photograph.

2. Storage + Fast Processor. Oppo F1s has a 3GB RAM matched with 64-bit octacore processor which ensures that you can do the multitasking on your phone. This phone allows seamless operation that allows you to play games, browse on the go, store photos, play videos and many other tasks at hand. The additional memory card slot is a heaven-sent as well and the storage allows up to 128GB expansion. Oh and yes, the ROM is 32GB. You got lots of space at your fingertips. After all, you need a lot of storage space for all your holiday getaway photos. 

3. Give me some of that filters. I never really cared about filters in the past but after trying out the filters of the Oppo F1s using my sister's phone, I'm a convert. I would love to be creative and use the filters when I share my photos through my social media accounts. I love the watermarking feature as well where the phone imprints the photo with time, date, temperature and other information. Isn't that so handy? You would know why you're shivering in the photo because of the temperature imprint. What a thoughtful feature this is! 

4. Listen up everyone selfie time! What's a getaway without a photo with your getaway buddies yeah? Have you tried taking a photo and one of your friends/companions face was cut in half? Or maybe you are that friend who didn't fit in the screen? And worst of all is that it's your face cut in all of the photos. Oh what a shame! It's great that Oppo F1s has the ability to take wide angle shot so everyone gets in the frame. One just has to rotate the phone from side to side to capture the perfect wide-angle selfie. The phone will then stitch the photos together to make sure that everyone's selfie is captured. What a treat?!?

There are many other features that make the Oppo F1s as a breakthrough phone considering how affordable it is. The ones I mentioned are the features I think would be the reasons and ways for the Oppo F1s to be the best holiday getaway gadget in the market today. The Oppo F1s has so much more features listed here

But since I want to jumpstart one of my 2017 new year's resolutions as early as now, my most favorite holiday getaway will be spent in our home, our home sweet home - with my husband and my  baby. You might ask me why I would choose this option and I would be more than happy to share with you my answer. A getaway does not need to cost an arm and a leg or even kidneys. A getaway can be the simplest form of activity but would bring so much joy and thus lowers one's stress level.

Is it possible to have the best holiday getaway at home?

1. Do something new. It could be trying out a new game (the new Monopoly perhaps), baking a new dish or trying out a new cookie recipe, playing pretend to entertain the little one and using new costumes, reading a new book, and many other activities. The possibilities are endless. We could even start a new family tradition and this is something that I look forward to. Maybe the three of us can bake holiday cookies and gift to family and friends as well as our neighbors.

Doing something new is a big advantage to me as we are just starting our family. We have a lot of new things that we could do and try and that makes me so excited. Of course, when you do or try something new you document it. It would be nice to look at photos and come up with a scrapbook or digital album that would remind me of the memories shared with my family. The Oppo F1s could be a wonderful tool to use in this documenting project.

2. Sharing is caring. Now if leaving the house is an absolute necessity for a short getaway, then I will brave the horrendous holiday traffic. I plan to personally deliver the holiday cookies to family and friends and share to the needy along the way as well. Sharing is indeed a vital life skill. It's something I want to teach my toddler. Again, you don't need a plane ticket to getaway. You just need to step out of the four corners of your house even. There's this family who put up a tent just outside the gate of our neighbor's house and so I want to share something with them. I see them everyday and so far I have only given them food and diapers. This Christmas, I want to give them a little bit more.

3. Celebrate even if it's lowkey. Avoid the stress of thinking where to get the money to spend on a grand Christmas celebrations. Just be sure to find ways to celebrate despite working on a small budget. Cook something you don't usually eat on a daily basis or cook your favorite dish and elevate it with a nice garnishing or two. Decorate your house and your dinner table using festive decors and baubles. Now, that scenario would look and feel like you went on a holiday getaway because it's out of the ordinary. It's now a picture perfect set-up!

This allows you to allocate your finances accordingly and makes it a possibility to splurge on a proper getaway when the right time comes.

Having a holiday getaway is essential to one's well-being but it doesn't mean that you have to spend much to complete the getaway experience. You may opt to travel and splurge or you can just simply "getaway" from the usual and make it special with unique activities that you can enjoy with the people that matters to you the most. Engage in activities that would make you genuinely happy. Realize that one's happiness is a choice and life is what  and how you make it.

Happy holidays!

DISCLOSURE: This is my entry to the Nuffnang PH x Oppo F1s Holiday Getaway Blog Contest. I was not paid to write this blog post but I have a chance to win my very own Oppo F1s. I own a few of the photos featured in this post and some were copied from the Oppo F1s website, Getty Images, The New Diplomats Wife as well as Viktor Hanacek of PicJumbo. There is no affiliate link included in this blog post. 

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