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I'm writing this in a new couch but in a familiar room. We're on our second day of our staycation and I'm enjoying it for the most part. Taking a break away from the usual corners of our house allows us to come back with renewed energy. I think  I'm about 80% recharged at this point. How random! But yes, I do advocate taking a rest once in a while because it allows us to clear our minds and thus we become more productive, more motivated, more in-tune with ourselves. I initially contemplated of not bringing my laptop with me but I need to finish a few projects and I can't afford to postpone my target completion date. It would have been more ideal if I used this staycation to completely unplug.

Our first night in the hotel was paid for by blogging. How? Read this.

I am currently...

reading a book that I bought months ago. I am one of those who buy several books at once and then read the book one at a time. And of course, I love having books on standby.

writing a revised version of my resume. I'm planning to apply for some part-time jobs online so I can make use of my extra time. I just hate being unproductive and I don't want to be stagnant. I want to keep learning. I don't think I'd be able to work full-time even at home because that would be spreading myself too thin.

listening to the news on TV even if I'm not looking. We're not in a suite so we don't have a separate living room.

thinking of what to do for my daughter's 2nd birthday. My biggest problem is the venue and I have not made up my mind yet. However, I am seriously considering having the party in an orphanage. I think it's a good way of giving back but I don't have any contact yet. If you're reading this and you know someone who works for an orphanage in Metro Manila (preferably in Makati), please let me know so I can discuss my plan to him/her.

smelling Le Labo body lotion. It's quite heady and strong but I've grown to like the smell.

watching the news indirectly. I just glance on the TV's direction when I hear something interesting.

wishing for the hours to go slowly. I don't understand why time passes by so fast when you're having fun!

hoping that it won't rain today. The clouds look really heavy and about to fall. Sigh!

wearing PJ's and cami. So comfy!

loving the Fairmont gym. I've been there this morning and I plan to go back again tomorrow. I think I need to enroll in a gym again. I really shouldn't be putting off losing my postpregnancy weight. I'll be sharing clips from the gym in one of our vlogs. VIKTORIASUMMERTV

wanting to have more stayctions in the future (a weekend is just too short) oh and of course win the all-expense paid Iceland trip.

needing to go to the dentist really soon for my semi-annual oral phophylaxis session.

feeling relaxed and well-rested. I had 8 hours of sleep last night!

clicking through nothing. I just aim to finish this blog post and stay away from the internet until tomorrow. Haha!

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I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

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