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I haven't blogged the past week because I helped my sister set her blog up. She was able to add a bit of content since she started in 2014 but not enough to consider her blog an active one. She's leaning towards motherhood (working mom) and lifestyle posts so I hope you give her blog a visit when you have time. She also started a blog link-up and I think I will join next week.

I am currently...

reading a book on What To Expect When You're Expecting. I forgot about the things to expect already because it has been almost 2 years when I was in my first trimester too. Do you personally like online reading materials or those you can find in Google versus books? Sometimes, the easiest for me is to Google but I still am very cautious because not everything on the internet is correct so I only follow medical recommendations from my doctor and of course books.

writing updates on my Dayre account. I shared how nervous we were last night that we had to take a trip to the hospital a few minutes before midnight. After several procedures, the doctors ruled out that we are safe and I was only prescribed a medication to stop bleeding. Scary!

listening to my Jazz for Babies playlist on Spotify.

thinking of the outcome of the protests in the US and other parts of the country against the Trump Presidency.

smelling the scent of fresh sheets. I'm just in bed and I intend to stay here all day as advised by my doctor.

watching nothing at the moment. I'm not in the mood to stay in the couch and watch TV. I don't want to watch a noon-time show as well. Maybe I'll watch the Miss Universe contestant profile videos via the MU app.

wishing to be medically sound again. Why am I feeling all these things when I'm pregnant? I guess it's not that easy to bring out another human being in our world eh? I envy the other moms who have uncomplicated pregnancies to be honest.

hoping to survive my first trimester without another emergency trip to the hospital.

wearing a sun dress. I like it because it is really comfortable.

loving the weather today. It's overcast and a bit on the colder side.

wanting to eat xiao long bao but I can't leave the house. I don't like to have it delivered because I don't have the patience to wait now.

needing to design a friend's business card but I guess it can't wait. For now, I just need to take ample amount of rest.

feeling a bit worried still. I kept on praying and praying.

clicking on nothing at this point. I think I will play Township in a while until I doze off to sleep.

If you have a blog and you want to let us in your Sunday, join us. Here's my old archive of The Sunday Currently. If you want to join us, click here or here.

Have a safe and wonderful week ahead!

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