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After I lost my baby through a miscarriage, I realized that taking all the extra precaution in caring for my firstborn darling daughter could not be left to chance or luck. I always remind myself to cautiously and actively work on ensuring safety and security. In 2009, our house got broken in and valuables were stolen. The shocking part was I just inside the bedroom and listening to music so I was not aware of what was happening in the living room and the kitchen. Looking back, I am extremely grateful now that I have this seemingly weird habit of always locking the doors of a room where I am in. It was a very traumatic experience and thinking about what the thief could have done to me if my door was ajar, sends me shivers down my spine. It never fails!

We still live in the same house but with more protection. The window where the thief gained access to our house has double iron grills now - one from the outside, a tinted window and another grill inside. I've also strategically positioned a cabinet next to the window so no one would have access going inside the house through the opening. It's practically a useless window now. Our doors have double locks as well. I would not want the same thing to happen again considering that I now have Summer with me. I make sure that our locks are sturdy and durable and our keys are properly stored and given only to trusted people in the household. If we ever need key replacement, we make sure to replace the lock and all the keys as an added precaution. Call me paranoid but that's the only way I can sleep soundly at night and have peace of mind when I am not inside the house to guard it.

The safety of our home against trespassers, intruders, and unauthorized individuals is a number one priority in our household. This is also necessary because I also run an online business and I store inventory inside the house.

Aside from maintaining the safety and security of our house, I also make it a point to at least provide the basic child-proofing initiative. Here are the things that I do in order to give my daughter a safer environment inside the house:

1. Securely mount the television on the wall and the cabinet or stand should be attached to the wall as well in case the curious little one attempts to climb and think of it as the Mt. Everest inside your home.

2. Remove photo frames or other hard objects attached to the wall next to where your baby sleeps or plays that could potentially be a hazard if it falls.

3. Use stove-knob covers! This is very important. My curious baby always attempts to turn the stove off and on so we had to buy the covers as a precaution.

4. Keep wires out of reach - always, all the time!

5. Run cold water into the bath first and then add the hot water.

6. Use doorstops to protect your baby's fragile fingers. You can also use the brick foam wallpapers that is gaining popularity now.

7. Attach corner and edge guides to prevent bumps that could potentially be dangerous and fatal especially if the corners are pointed.

8. Place tall and unstable lamps behind a big furniture such as the couch so your toddler won't topple it over.

9. Do not forget to use the safety strap when using a high chair.

10. Never use unmarked containers to store chemicals that could lead to poisoning.

I still have a lot of baby proofing tips on my list but I am sure that these are great ways to jumpstart baby proofing your homes. Do you have other tips to share? Please leave a comment below.

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