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It was a balmy afternoon when I received a direct message from one of my online friends who lives in Aalborg. She told me that she saw my love for cherries in my Instagram posts so she shared that on our way back to Hillerød from Løkken we will be passing by a town celebrating one of their festivals, the Kirsebær Festival. I'm so thankful for her because I really wanted to attend a festival in Denmark and it was a perfect opportunity since it was not far from the main road and traffic was not major even when there's a weekend gathering of locals and tourists alike.

We left our summer house in Løkken before noon and we arrived in Kerteminde after about 3 hours. It didn't seem like a three-hour car ride because the roads we passed were very scenic and were really a welcome treat. I'm not sure if my husband enjoyed the trip since he was the one behind the wheel. I guess he did because I did not hear him complain.

Kerteminde is a town in Central Denmark. It is situated on the island of Funen. It also has a harbor and the roads we passed by were surrounded by farms - rapeseed, cherry trees, wheat, rye, corn, pine trees and many others. It was drizzling on our way so I was not able to go down and have my picture taken near the rapeseed farm. It was probably the last rapeseed field that is still in bloom for the season so I was a bit disappointed.

My disappointment changed to excitement as soon as we parked our car near the harbor and walked towards the town square where the festival events were held. The town was really peaceful even with the crowd of people. It's like all the less than 6,000 townsfolk gathered that day to celebrate the event.   We were only a few minutes inside the cherry products market when the Festival Queen and her consort showed up. We approached her and ask if we can take photos. She said yes with a smile and we had a little chat about where I'm from and how I am enjoying their festival.


We bought a lot of cherries because it was too cheap compared to the price here in Manila. The cherries were super sweet, juicy and plump as well and they were harvested from the farm and transported immediately to the festival. It felt like I was in cherry heaven that day. We plan to go back to Denmark again this summer and if ever we won't be able to go back to Kerteminde, my plan is to find a cherry farm near Hillerød where I can go and pick straight from the tree.

Each plastic glass contained about 20-25 cherries costs DKK25 (that's roughly around Php200). We bought the basket that has around 100-120 cherries for only DKK60 (Php480). I think I ate more than a kilo while I was there including the ones we purchased. If you don't want to pay, you can sneak a few cherries from the free to taste basket. Ooopsie, don't tell them I told you that. 

Most, if not all, of the cherries sold at the festival, were harvested from Nybro Frugtplantage. I wish we had more time to go directly to the farm but we didn't.

We sampled different sweets, wines, and food items with cherry as the main ingredient.

The town was not bustling but it has a unique charm to it. I love that their harbor is clean and smells good. Here you can see the Dannebrog or the Danish flag. Danes love to celebrate festivals, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations with their flag. 

Took this photo while on our way back to the main road. 

We left the town with happy tummies, satiated taste buds and a sense of satisfaction for having joined a day to celebrate the abundant produce of cherries.

The festival is scheduled on the 21st to the 23rd day of July this year and I hope we would be able to go since we will still be in Denmark on those days. If I do get a chance to go back, I would love to attend the cherry pie baking contest and maybe even participate in the cherry eating game. Who knows?

For more information about the charming little town of Kerteminde, visit their tourism website. To read more of our Denmark travel stories, here's the link.

If you are visiting Copenhagen and you would want to visit the festival, there are trains that go directly to Odense (a little over an hour away). Kerteminde is less than 20 kilometers away from Odense. 

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