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The week went by so fast and everything seemed like a blur in a way. Hubby will be flying to Sudan to join his new ship at the Port Sudan Harbor (at the Red Sea). It is the Republic of Sudan's main port. It's his first time to join a ship in Sudan so he's going to add another country to his list. He was initially scheduled to fly with Qatar Airways but his flight was changed to Emirates Airlines last minute. Good thing he constantly checks his emails.

We spent our weekend in Alabang and we will be going to back to Manila later today so we can pack hubby's bags. We weren't able to pack ahead because we also had to pack for our staycation bags. We're pretty much cramming now but we have enough time on our hands.

I am currently...

reading the blog post I wrote about my recent transaction at the Social Security System. I actually thought it will be a seamless transaction because I have all the required documents. I will be going back to SSS again tomorrow to submit additional documents required for self-employed voluntary members who are claiming maternity reimbursement. Tomorrow will be my fifth time to go back to the SSS-Makati office because every time I go they seem to require a new document for me to submit. Frankly, it's getting on my nerves already. Imagine being required to submit a Certificate of Separation Employment when I have been unemployed for almost 2 years already. I don't see the point why they have to require that when they can very well see in their system that I pay my own membership dues monthly.

writing the mechanics of the hotel staycation giveaway that I will be having pretty soon in partnership with a residence hotel in Alabang.

listening to the television. I'm not technically watching because my back is turned away from the TV. Haha!

thinking of the recipes that I will prepare for my meal prep next week. Uncle Don will be joining my plan so I'll be cooking and preparing for two or maybe three so Angel can join in as well. The meal prep trial I did last week was a success. I was so into it that I even brought my prepared meals with me to the hotel where we are staying this weekend.

smelling the baby cologne on my baby. Smells so good!

watching nothing right now but I plan to watch a Netflix movie or documentary after I write this blog post.

wishing that I will be able to meet my weight loss goal so I can reward myself with a few things without the guilt. I don't like mindlessly shopping now so goal-setting and achieving should be a pretty good excuse to go and shop.

hoping to be able to print the travel invitation for my mom before hubby leaves so she can use it for her possible Schengen visa application. She's still not sure at this point if she will be traveling with us.

wearing my checkered PJs and a racerback sports bra. We went for a short 3-kilometer walk around Alabang CBD this morning and I don't feel like showering yet.

loving the balmy weather. It's also a little bit colder than the usual so it's perfect.

wanting to extend our stay in the hotel but hubby will be flying out tonight so we have to go back to Manila.

needing another chill weekend like this. I can't wait to have another staycation!

feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

clicking my town in Township! It's the current app-based game that I am playing and I am now almost Level 39 after playing for almost a month.

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Have a safe and wonderful week ahead!

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