9:11 PM

We're adjusting pretty well to our new normal at home now. I've had a better sleeping pattern as well this week since I started spending lesser time online. I'm also sleeping early tonight so I can wake up early so I can prepare my 3-day meal prep. The trial period has been a success and I guess there's no turning at this point.

I am currently...

reading the blog that I am following to guide me in my meal prep journey. I've been arming myself with enough information so I don't slack. I love how I can save and loss weight at the same time. Crossing fingers!

writing my grocery list for tomorrow's shopping session. I'm also filling out the registration form for my daughter's family music festival.

listening to my sister's music. She's listening to nursery rhymes. Oh yes, I successfully hid the Youtube App so she's using the Youtube Kids App now. No more scary and violent videos.

thinking of doing a spring cleaning this week or next week. I need to declutter. I have too many stuff at home. If anyone knows anyone who needs disposable diapers (large size) please let me know. I have a few packs to give away.

smelling the peony candle I recently bought from Yankee Candle. I'm so happy that they have opened a branch near our house already. I love burning a candle inside my bedroom. I'll probably alternate the peony scent and the lavender scent because they're both relaxing for me and both are good bedroom scent.

watching Youtube vlogs passively. The video is playing in another tab while I am typing this blog. Multitasking!

wishing that I can find tahini somewhere so I can make baba ganoush. Do you have a tried and tested recipe for it? Please do share.

hoping to finalize our Denmark itinerary. We're leaving in a couple of months so I need to finish one task at a time. I also hope to go to the ukay-ukay place which Isha of the PurpleHeiress mentioned. They were on sale when she went there and she was able to buy a thick jacket for less than Php200. Pretty good deal!

wearing my PJs because I plan to sleep right after I publish this post.

loving the effect of castor oil on my skin. I've been applying it right after I shower and I noticed that my skin is a bit softer now.

wanting to buy essential oils for my aerator. I need to alternate this with my Yankee candle. I also need to check my schedule and see if I can drop by Tim Hortons when it officially opens to the public on the 28th. We dropped by today and there were too many people.

needing a mani-pedi session. I'll have to schedule an appointment soon.

feeling chill and relaxed.

clicking nothing at this point. I'm too tired to do it. I guess I'm done for the day.

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Have a safe and wonderful week ahead!

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