10:19 PM

Oh what a day! I'm a bit sleepy as I type this so pardon if I commit any grammar miss. I'm going to proofread when I wake up because my eyes are almost falling and the only thing that keeps me awake now is the loud television while watching the last airing of Pinoy Big Brother.

Anyway, I slept late last night because I finished the whole first season of Santa Clarita Diet. I'm going to sit down and review it possibly next week. I watched it on Netflix by the way. I ended the last episode around 3AM and I woke up at 6AM so we can go to the Sunday Market at Legazpi Car Park. As soon as we went back to our house, we started preparing to attend my daughter's sing and play class in Kindermusik. I can't wait to lie flat in bed and dream the night away.

I am currently...

reading the comments on my other blog. Do you believe that chicken and squash in one dish can cause leprosy?

writing this blog post and then once I am done I am going to call it a night and get some shuteye.

listening to Jessica Soho's Sunday magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. I got bored waiting for PinoyBig Brother so I switched channels. The travel segment is far more interesting.

thinking of buying a new luggage but I can't decide yet if I will buy the big one or a carry-on size. I hope I can decide before BPI's travel sale next weekend.

smelling the vanilla essence from the oven. I read a hack that if you heat vanilla then your kitchen will smell good. The smell is not overpowering though. Just a hint of vanilla whafting around.

watching Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho while I multitask in writing this post.

wishing that I win the lottery so I don't have to worry about where to find money to finance our future family travels. I wish money grows on trees. How about you? Haha! It's just wishful thinking. I blame my zombie-state now.

hoping to finish my draft post about canal tours in Copenhagen. Watch out for the blog post. It'll be live soon!

wearing my PJs because I plan to sleep right after I publish this post.

loving the scent of vanilla essence. Maybe I should pick up a vanilla-scented Yankee Candle next time I visit the store.

wanting to clean the fridge all weekend and I finally did it before we had dinner tonight. I feel so accomplished.

needing a good back rub or a foot rub so I can fall asleep fast.

feeling sleepy you have no idea how much!

clicking nothing. I just can't be bothered. Maybe I'll doze off and then wake up again in the wee hours of the morning when internet speed is faster so I can watch another documentary on Netflix.

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Have a safe and wonderful week ahead!

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