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If you are a big fan of rollercoaster rides then trust me when I say that being a parent is comparable to a very challenging ride with loops and turns - from the moment you find out that you are pregnant, to the moment that your sense of smell and taste start to betray you, to the times when queasiness or hurling becomes a daily routine, up to the time when your little ones just never stops making a mess at home yet they become everything you live for. Through all these, there are so many memorable experiences that happen along the way but the most unforgettable would be what it was like to give birth. You will never truly understand it completely when you haven't given birth to another human being and arguably it is one of the most underrated experiences known to us.

Childbirth is very common and it happens every second and every minute of the day in different parts of the world, it is in fact, one of the most beautiful experiences that a woman could ever go through. As they say, it is like one of a mother's feet is already in a grave but when you survive it, the profoundness of the experience trumps all the challenges. Childbirth as much as pregnancy should be celebrated because it is not an easy feat to carry another human being through pregnancy and then eventually deliver the baby when it is due.

I personally consider the birth of my little darling daughter, Viktoria Summer, as my most memorable experience with a loved one. Her birth completed me and it was an instant love affair as soon as I cradled her in my arms as soon as she came out of my womb. I did my best to plan for everything from pregnancy to childbirth but nothing could have prepared me for the adventure and fulfillment I felt for bringing her into this world. It was difficult, bittersweet, and extremely fulfilling. I have no words to accurately describe the feeling!


The birth of my daughter was the happiest and most terrifying day of my life thus far. For one, watching One Born Every Minute while I was pregnant did more harm than good to me (only because I am scared at the sight of blood and needles and all that) and two just the thought of delivering a new human being out into our world is just plain terrifying and too tall an order. I feel I did a pretty good job amidst all the health conditions that I had to go through though and today I want to share with you the story, my story, our story.

Our baby's due date was initially pegged on February 14, 2015 but after my last scan indicated that she was ready to go out and it was a bit risky to wait for her due date because of her size and the other complications and risks that shrouded my pregnancy.

I had three biophysical profile prenatal test to check on my baby's well-being in a span of two weeks conducted by three different doctors - Dra. Sandee Go, Dra. Jocelyn Bambalan and Dra. Christine Tantoco. Baby scored 8/8 on all tests except that her estimated weight was constantly increasing. My OB-Gyn Dra. Karen Alessandra Torredes discussed the possibility of delivering through cesarian section to me on my last visit as I was only 1cm dilated on my first internal exam and then progressed to 2cm after a week and that my cervix is still thick and baby's position is still not birth ready. She recommended natural ways to induce birth such as walking, having sex as sperm contains prostaglandin that causes the cervix to ripen and she also recommended the use of evening primrose oil capsules. See, I had gestational diabetes mellitus so it's a little bit risky to go beyond the 40th week although I made it clear that I really would try to give birth without undergoing a major operation, I wanted to experience the act of "pushing".

Labor Induction

I would usually feel contractions at night - most were Braxton Hicks though but I appreciated each and every contraction. I stayed up late so I can time contractions or I would be awakened by stronger than normal contractions in between baby's kicks and rolls and hiccups. I did basically all the normal things that I do daily and we even went out of town to finally close the deal on the parcel of land that we had our eyes on. When we got home, I danced and danced to induce labor as advised by my cousin, Kate. I was hoping that my bag of waters will break or the bloody show would finally show up as I danced but nothing happened and it looked like baby held on to her position and didn't want to move down.

I was both excited and nervous at the thought of labor because as a first-time mom I really didn't know what to expect aside from the stories of labor that I have read or heard. A couple of days passed and so on February 9, I sent a message to my OB-Gynecologist and told her that I am ready to be induced to labor. As soon as we got to the St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City High-Risk Pregnancy Unit and got our room, doctors and nurses started attending to me and my situation. I was hooked up to an electronic fetal monitor that picked up my baby's heartbeat and recorded the frequency and power of my contractions.

I went in 3cm dilated/40% effaced and with moderate contractions. After about 4 hours, evening primrose oil was inserted to my cervix to hasten it to ripen all the while monitoring my blood sugar level as well. Before midnight, I progressed to 4cm/60% effaced. As I was progressing very very slowly, my doctor deemed it necessary to augment my labor by giving me oxytocin (pitocin). My contractions improved but baby just won't budge as I was still 4cm/60% effaced at dawn of February 10. Just after breakfast, my doctor came by to ask me if I still want to try to deliver normally. I said yes with much gusto and prayed again when she left. I also talked to my husband and that's when we both decided that if around noon there would still be no progress then we will opt to deliver via C-section.

Biggest Decision

When I was checked around noon and still with no progress noted, I finally resigned to the fact that I will be cut open. I was scared and terrified but I have to trust the expertise of my doctor. I just wasn't prepared to go under the knife. I distracted my thoughts by watching TV and talking to my husband, my uncle and my sister. A couple of hours before the scheduled operation, I asked my nurse to unhook me from the fetal monitor so I can shower. I knew I would not be able to shower immediately after the surgery so I was so happy when I was cleared to shower.

Around fifteen minutes before my scheduled delivery (5PM), the anesthesiologist came in to interview me and he asked the usual questions and I had a chance to ask questions as well. At exactly 5PM, I was asked to prep for the procedure (wear a hospital gown, remove all undergarments, and remove all jewelry) and two nurses wheeled me to the delivery room. I was laughing nervously as I said my goodbyes to my husband, sister, and uncle. We entered the room at 5:15 and was promptly transferred to the operating table. I was cleaned up and given spinal anesthetic, which removed the feeling from my waist down. I remained awake while they cut me through to get Summer out. I liked how the anesthesiologist assured me that all is well and that my vitals are looking good. I was staring at the lights above me all the while praying that I will be able to go through the operation successfully and that my baby will be safe and healthy.

"Baby Out"

At 6:03PM of February 10, I heard the doctors announce that baby is already out. I was overcome with emotion and tears started to well up. I cried and cried and the anesthesiologist was nice enough to wipe my tears. I didn't know if I cried silently or I sobbed. I knew my heart skipped a beat at that moment. I still cry every time I remember it.

After 39 weeks and 6 days inside my womb, our "lille smuk pige" Viktoria Summer, finally came - 52 cms long and weighed 7.11 lbs. She was checked, cleaned, weighed and a lot of other standard steps before she was made to latch on to me. I started to tear up again as I kissed my baby daughter for the very first time. I knew she was worth every single medical condition I had to go through my pregnancy. She looked so beautiful, so precious and she is my daughter.

But the ordeal didn't end there, the doctors still had to check Summer's blood sugar level to ensure that she was not severely affected by my gestational diabetes. We were wheeled to the recovery room and that's where they pricked her heel to get a wee amount of blood to check. I was torn when she cried in pain but relieved to know that she is perfectly healthy and that she is not hypoglycemic.

We were both wheeled to our room six hours after birth. I threw up on the way because of the anesthesia and I felt itchy because of the morphine administered to me. I felt so groggy but overflowing with happiness. My husband was overcome with his emotions too and cried as soon as he saw his baby daughter. Oh, such pure joy! We now have our own unit we will call family.



I have read a lot of horror stories involving labor pains and since I did not experience the pain on different levels, the feeling of anticipation was just too much for me. I'm lucky to have a very strong tolerance for pain thus if not for the fetal monitors attached to my belly, I could not have known I was supposed to be in some level of pain already. The thing that was memorable about the labor process was the waiting, it took us more than a day in the hospital before I delivered my baby via c-section. It felt like forever waiting inside the High-Risk Pregnancy Unit.

Oh, and yes, this is not meant to scare anybody but it felt like I literally lost all dignity in a day after several doctors had to check on me to see how dilated I am already. I'm sure a lot of moms who gave birth could relate to what I just said. But I couldn't care less anyway, I was just too excited to finally deliver my baby and meet her for the first time. I was ready to fall in-love with her. Then again I take that back - I already love her as soon as I found out that I was pregnant.  Every minute seemed like hours already passed. My husband and I had little to no sleep throughout the whole ordeal but we kept our spirits up. We were extremely taken by anticipation. We couldn't wait to hold our baby for the very first time. At the back of our heads, this I am sure, we were thinking about the possibility of complications either to me or Summer. Her blood sugar level was at risk and had to be closely checked and monitored


What could be more memorable than delivering another human being from inside the womb to the outside world?

I still remember that very moment (although I could not remember how I became so yellow in the photo to be honest). The moment I heard my doctor announce that the baby was out, I started to cry. I was extremely ecstatic to see my baby come out. Her first cry were music to my ears. I had to ask if her toes and fingers complete because I felt that she was not well-nourished because I had hyperemesis gravidarum and if you have it, you won't be able to hold down basically anything you eat or drink and that includes the vitamins and other medications I took. Too complicated alright! But that made all these ordeal worth it, it made being a mother for the first time that much special!

I could not recall who handed her to me already. It was all a blur. As soon as she was placed next to me and eventually put on my chest and latched for the first time, it was moments filled with nothing but pure bliss. I felt fulfilled! I felt like I have found my purpose. I was filled with love that I could not even imagine where it's coming from. All I know is that this special little girl will be showered with so much love for as long as I live. No words can accurately describe this feeling, the moment is always magical - something I will never ever forget. Maybe if you are reading this and you want to know exactly how I felt, have a talk with your mom and ask her the first time she saw and held you in her arms.


My husband did not want to cut the cord. Yes, he was so scared to do it because he did not want to commit a mistake. Up to the time that I was already in labor, he was so adamant not to be the one to cut it and just leave the process to the experts. So imagine my surprise when he was there to cut the cord at the delivery room. I guess his parent instinct kicked in and he mustered all the courage to do what almost every father wants to do to be a part of the birthing process. And so he did, and did it quite successfully.

Cutting the cord signifies the release of the baby from the womb and to welcome our little bundle of joy to the real world. I'm sure this is also one of my husband's unforgettable experience - something that he will always remember, something that will always move him each time he recalls it.

Up to now though he still tells me how happy he is that he let go of his fears and just did what he had to do and be a part of our daughter's birth.


As soon as I was wheeled to our private room from the recovery room, I immediately requested to see photos and when I saw this photo of my husband holding our little pride and joy, I lost it! I cried tears of joy. Even though I carried Summer for nine months inside my womb, the bond between father and daughter is and will always be undeniably present. This moment right here is something so vividly inscribed in my memory.

I am very blessed to have a very supportive husband by my side while I was undergoing the operation inside the delivery room. He allowed me to rest and he carried our baby through the night and only gave to me when she needed to latch. Though he was sleepless and tired from the whole ordeal, he knew that what I had to go through (being cut open) was not easy.

Seeing this photo always brings me back to that evening of February 10, 2015 - the day of my most memorable experience. I may go through it again or maybe it could be the first and the last but one thing is for sure the experience will never be forgotten. I will always have a story to tell - the story when my daughter's life started the day she was born.

Looking back to that day, I wish my husband carried a smaller camera inside the delivery room. He had a DSLR with him and it was too bulky for him plus he wasn't really into photography so he didn't care about the lights and taking the right angles, composing the shot, etc. In fact, there was a moment that he gave the nurse the camera and she did the clicking. I wish we could have had a smaller camera with a very good resolution to capture the moment.

I guess I know now what to include in my hospital checklist when I have to go through childbirth again. I'm adding #OppoF5 to my list so it's more practical to carry and it would take better quality photos and not capture me looking all too yellow under the operating room lights. For now, I can always use the phone to capture more memories with our little darling who just turned three less than a week ago. #CaptureTheRealYou

A couple of months after I gave birth, I decided to give up my corporate career to be more present for my little daughter. I knew she needed me more than ever in her growing up years and it was a decision that I have never regretted even just once. There are boring moments at home especially when I miss working in an office setting but for now, I just choose to love, be grateful, and be more present in my daughter's life.

Fast forward three years from 2015 and we now have a little toddler that always fill our lives with love. How can you not love this pretty little miss?

Part of the plan for 2018 is to continue making memories and continue capturing memories through photos. I am saving to buy a new smartphone that would deliver excellent quality photos especially so that the little one loves posing for photos already. Just look at her photos during her pre-birthday shoot.


The #OppoF5 is nothing short of stunning. First, I am sold with the color RED because if you know me you will know that I love red so much. The AI (artificial intelligence) technology included in the phone lets you take beautiful selfies. With its FHD+ screen you can never go wrong. Its smooth all-around performance lets you seamlessly switch between multiple apps as it is powered by an octa-core processor, along with 6GB of RAM. It also has a 64GB internal memory. Perfect size for storing loads of photos and videos if I may say so. The 20MP AI Beauty Front Camera is arguably my favorite feature. Read more about the phone specs HERE.

How about you? What is your most memorable experience with a loved one? I would love to read what your most memorable experience is. Leave a comment below  and let's share life's treasure trove of memories. 

DISCLOSURE: This is my entry to the Nuffnang PH x Oppo F5 Red Blog Contest. I was not paid to write this blog post but I have a chance to win my very own Oppo F5 in my favorite color. I own a few of the photos featured in this post and some were copied from the Oppo website, as well as PicJumbo and HauteStock. There is no affiliate link included in this blog post.  

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