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Catalogue shopping is a great way to save on more items for the entire family. I always do this especially when we are on vacation in Denmark. I borrow shop catalogues from my mom-in-law and browse through pages and pages of deals. When you’re ready to shop, consider a few of these tips to ensure you make the most of your online shopping experience.

Specialized shopping
If you’re buying women’s clothing, shop with catalogues which cater to this. For home furniture, patio furniture or décor I would recommend going with a specialized catalogue. You’ll find the best items, more selection and typically the best guarantees/warranties on all items you buy.

Check financing terms
Make sure you know what zero-interest periods are, what flat-fee interest is and what other ‘specialised financing’ means. If you aren’t sure, make sure you ask. This is the best way to ensure the greatest deals and to ensure you avoid hefty interest rates down the line.

Shop seasonally
Make sure you know when to shop for certain items. Shopping off-season is a great way to buy what you want/need and buying it for less. So, consider winter clothing in the summer and vice-versa so you can find lower prices on the items you are going to buy.

Comparison shop
Visit more than one catalogue. In fact, try to visit 3-5 before you ultimately decide where you are going to buy. This allows you to compare the styles you love and obviously to find the best prices but also the best financing options available out there as well.

Consider promos and deals
Sometimes you’ll pay a bit more for an item but you have 12 extra months of zero-financing to do so. In this case, it might be worth it. Learn about promos, special financing and other specials out there so you can find the best deals when you’re ready to buy items through online catalogues. No matter what you are shopping for, catalogues are a great way to find what you want and find the items you want to buy for a reasonable price. When the time comes to do your online shopping, consider these tips to ensure an enjoyable experience and the best pricing/deals when you shop.

Do you like browsing catalogues as well or you head straight to the malls/supermarkets to buy the things you want to buy?

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