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So I am back to the drawing board again as I start collecting and sorting ideas on interior design - new projects and renovation ideas alike. I want to be able to plan ahead so if I change my mind, I will still have enough time left.
Renovated basements are indeed a source of great relief and comfort when you want to spend some peaceful time alone or with family or friends. There are many ways you can renovate your basement. You can try out these magical yet helpful ideas for decorating your lower ground floor.

1. Moisture Seals
The first and the foremost tip for the renovation of your basement is to find and figure out the possible presence of moisture or any dampness in your basement. There shouldn’t be any sanitary leakages or any underground leaking pipes. You should apply authentic sealing agents on the walls of your basement. Replace old underground pipes and fittings if you have. Replace flooring. You have options like vinyl and laminate flooring. Make sure your basement is free of dampness in any regard.

2. Sump and Suction Pump
After you are done with the dampness control stuff, you should install or build a small sump in the vicinity of your basement. Also, powerful suction pump with a twenty-four-hour battery backup. This will help you evacuate any possible accidental penetration of water from upstairs as storms or floods may affect your area. After installing this facility, your basement is ready for internal decorations.

3. Choose a Nice Color Scheme
It is very important to choose a good color scheme for your basement, it is recommended not to choose dark color. Choose natural wooden colors for a decent outlook. You should go for a sealer paint coating for a better moisture control and more durability of your paint coats. The painter you are hiring should be professional or if you are doing the paint job yourself; be careful in painting as it is the basic element of basement decorations.

4. Furniture Selection
After you are done with the painting stuff, you should choose the right and suitable furniture for your basement. There should be some nice sofas, a studying table, some purpose-built cabinets, resting chairs and other items of your choice. The furniture should be bought in contrast with the wall and ceiling paints. It should be comfortable and relaxing.

5. Electrical Items
You should install a proper air conditioning system if you are living in a hot climatic region otherwise a nicer heating system. There should be a reliable ventilation duct that constantly supplies fresh air to your environment. You should be careful in choosing the lightening system of your basement. There should be combination of bright and dim lights. You can switch to dimmer lights for a peaceful relaxing time with some soothing music for yourself. Go for some table lamps for reading purposes.

6. Miscellaneous Decorative Items
The most eye-catching items of a basement may be defined as the paintings on the walls, ceiling hangings, vases and sofa cushions. You should wisely choose these items according to the color schemes of your furniture and paint. It is recommended that you should also install a good scented air freshener in your basement.

By following the above stated tips, you can turn your basement in a cool and interesting living place. I'm really looking forward to moving in to our new home and I will surely keep these tips in mind. After all, we can never have too many tips to use don't we?

Do you have basement renovation tips as well? Let me know...

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