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Canva has released a too-goo-to-resist pricing structure to accommodate the rise in the need for real-time collaboration without blowing the bank. Have you heard about Canva Teams? 

With your Canva account, you can invite friends, family, or your project team members, and then you can collaborate to create any design you can think of inside the tool. 

Two Types of Canva Teams

1. Free Teams (you don't need to pay for these accounts every time you add someone and you can add up to 3000 members including the team owner, all users can assemble their free teams) What is cool about the free teams is that you can create up to 20 free teams!

Free Team Roles: Administrator and Member

2. Canva Pro Teams (you can add members and pay for the Canva Pro accounts). 

Pro Team Roles: Administrator, Template Designer, Member

Just recently, Canva restructured the Canva Teams Pricing for Canva users in the identified emerging markets. If you are from Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines, India, and Argentina then you are eligible for the new Canva Pro Teams pricing. It is so much cheaper than the regular Canva Pro pricing that was implemented before. 

Canva Pro Teams Emerging Markets

For example: In the Philippines, the current Canva Pro Teams (for up to 5 members) is Php 2,490 for an annual subscription. That means you only pay Php 498/member for the whole year. You may also opt to subscribe monthly and you will pay Php 299 for teams with 1-5 members. Amazing isn't it? 

So then, how do you create a team? 

Creating an account is simple - log in to your account, click Create a Team option in your sidebar and then add the Canva email addresses of your team members. You may also opt to generate a link and send it to the people you would like to be a part of your team. You can then assign access permissions accordingly - administrator, template designer, or member.

Once your invitation is accepted, everyone on your team can contribute and collaborate when creating designs - from brainstorming to designing to finishing the layout. Each member can also give feedback and type comments. 

If you don't like to create a team or you don't want to belong in a team, you can opt to remain as an individual in your personal account. Also, if you have a free Canva account right now, you can try Canva Pro for Free for 45 days - click this link

Canva Pro Free Trial for 45 Days

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