My Bucket List Part 2

10:14 PM

So, here's the second part of my bucket list.

101. Plant my own herb garden (sage, thyme, rosemary, parsley, etc).
102. Grow a tree/vine from the seed of the fruit I ate.
103. Join a reality TV show. (almost)
104. Send a message in a bottle.
105. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
106. Never miss my weekly yoga classes. No matter what.
107. Change my room curtains every two weeks.
108. Finish a BPI Project (DMAICR).
109. Fill my piggy bank with P5 and P10 coins.
110. Buy one shoe every month.
111. Pay my bills on time all the time.
112. Resort to paying with cash. Say goodbye to credit cards.
113. Visit a wax museum.
114. Ride a rollercoaster. I'm scared shit of this monster of a ride.
115. Travel with only one bag in tow.
116. Go skinny dipping in a beach (at night).
117. Meet someone with the same first name as mine - KESSA THEA.
118. Give up soda. (Can I punish my self like that?)
119. Learn how to ice skate.
120. Learn how to ski.
121. Finish my first marathon.
122. Visit my gyno regularly.
123. Buy the pink or red Nike yoga mat.
124. Learn how to make my own version of fruit cake.
125. Make the best baked potato in town.
126. Learn how to troubleshoot a spyware/malware infection.
127. Learn how to troubleshoot a virus infection.
128. Back-up my files regularly.
129. Have my picture taken sans any piece of clothing.
130. Take a picture of the Niagara Falls using my own camera.
131. Learn how to drive.
132. Get my driver's license.
133. Visit a heroes tomb.
134. I want my honeymoon to be in Santorini, Greece or in Tuscany, Italy.
135. Prepare a full board meal for my mom and dad on one of their anniversaries.
136. Whisk my mom and dad to a second honeymoon outside the country.
137. Get an MCP certification.
138. Get a CCNA certification.
139. Travel to Batanes (the northern tip of the country).
140. Learn how to surf.
141. Get a fitting brace.
142. Never miss a waxing appointment.
143. Get married when the sun is about to rise.
144. Visit 2 countries in one day.
145. Climb a coconut tree without using a ladder.
146. Go natural. Eat fresh produce.
147. Advocate for the rights of the animal. Maybe join PETA.
148. Read all the books in my bookshelves.
149. Repaint my room purple and pink.
150. Wish on a four-leaf clover.

More to be posted later...I hope I could finish this list before the week ends. Ta ta...

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