My Bucket List Part 3

9:10 AM

So, I am on my third installment of my bucket list.

151. Donate blood to Red Cross.
152. Have my blood sugar constantly tracked.
153. Bungee jump in New Zealand.
154. Wall climb.
155. Rapel.
156. Kiss in the rain.
157. Go green. Conserve energy. Use renewable energy resources.
158. Learn a new word everyday.
159. Write love letters.
160. Become more physically active.
161. Reconnect with college friends.
162. Visit an old friend's final resting place in Arkansas.
163. Live my life to the fullest everyday.
164. Kiss the most handsome man in the world.
165. Wish on a falling star.
166. Witness the aurora borealis.
167. Watch the Sex and The City television series all over again.
168. Grow a flower garden.
169. Be a soccer mom.
170. Be a responsible adult. If I can't be good, I should be protected.
171. Name a star. My own star.
172. Be in two places at once.
173. Compose a song.
174. Swim with a dolphin.
175. Have my portrait painted.
176. Tell someone the story of my life, without sparing any detail.
177. Own a room with a view.
178. Learn not to say YES when I really mean NO.
179. Learn to ballroom dance properly.
180. Fall deeply in love - helplessly and unconditionally.
181. Drink a bottle of beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
182. Be someone's mentor.
183. Be someone's life coach.
184. Shower in a waterfall.
185. Ask for a raise.
186. Teach some illiterate to read and write his/her name.
187. Write down my own personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time.
188. See a lunar eclipse.
189. See a solar eclipse.
190. Watch Miss Universe live.
191. Experience weightlessness. Defy gravity.
192. Ask someone I've only just met to go on a date.
193. Write my will.
194. Sleep underneath the stars.
195. Learn how to complain effectively - and do it!
196. Learn to juggle with at least three balls.
197. Solve a Rubix cube.
198. Overcome my fear of failure.
199. Donate money and put my name on something - a bench in the park, a wall in a school.
200. Buy my own house and make it exactly what I want.
201. Spend three months getting my body into optimum shape.
202. Accept myself for who I am.
203. Give to a charity - anonymously.
204. Learn design tools and be good at it.
205. Improve this blog and mentor someone to create a blog. 
206. Make my own snowman.
207. Create my family tree.
208. Make a hole-in-one.
209. Visit a concentration camp and say a prayer for all those who died there.
210. Learn to bartend.
211. Reflect on my greatest weakness, and realize how it is my greatest strength.
212. See elephants in the wild.
213. Ride an elephant.
214. Fly over a volcano.
215. Create a snowman.
216. Visit Las Vegas, Nevada.
217. Ride a camel to the Pyramids of Egypt.
218. Trek through a rainforest.
219. Go polar bear watching.
220. Memorize a poem and pass it on.
221. Stand up to a bully.
222. Fight off a rival for a prize.
223. Make an enemy for life. -An enemy helps you define yourself.
224. Forgive and forget.
225. Be in a gondola and kiss under the arches in Venice.
226. Eat a chocolate cake and never feel guilty.
227. Link my home computer to the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico.
228. Help nail a murderer.
229. Have the prime of my life before the party is over.
230. Write a children's book.
231. Learn how to salsa dance.
232. Take up a martial art.
233. Learn archery.
234. Become a triathlete.
235. Learn sign language.
236. Go on a helicopter ride.
237. Ride a mechanical bull.
238. Get a tattoo on my lower back.
239. Go white water rafting.
240. Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
241. Experience Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
242. See the cherry blossoms in full bloom in Japan.
243. See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
244. Go on a cruise.
245. Create a collage.
246. Create a mind movie. Like an inspiration that I will go to Paris. Collect pictures of France. Add a backgroud music, maybe La Vie en Rose, add affirmations and sit down each morning and watch the movie.
247. Learn to sculpt.
248. Learn to make pottery.
249. Make mobiles for my kids.
250. Learn to brew beer or make wine.

This one I'll do after I die (I'll put this in my will)-- Become a diamond. (LifeGem of Chicago, Illinois, will take a few grains of my cremated remains, subject it to high pressure and temperature and I will emerge from the process, 18 weeks later, as a sparkling one-carat diamond).

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