Happy 28th Anniversary!!!

6:56 AM

Happy 28th Anniversary to the best mommy and daddy in the face of the Earth. April 25, 1981 my mom and dad walked down the aisle and made vows to each other. From that day until today, they are still together, happily living together. Sure, they had quarrels and fights but as strong as their bond was they were able to weather the storms and come out of the rains unscathed. I could only wish my married life would be as happy as what they have, even just half of it would do actually.

My mom and dad makes decisions together when it involves the family. My mom is the treasurer and she's the one taking care of budgeting household expenses as well. They were able to send me and my sister to decent schools because of the exemplary way of managing our family's finances. My mom has been nominated as outstanding teacher many times over and holds a doctorate degree and my dad is living his life as a veterinarian. They will always be the best mom and dad for me and my sister.

They were wed in a lavish ceremony. All the wedding details present. Red, pink and white were the colors for that day. And they managed to keep a copy of their wedding invite which has these lines inscribe in the front page: "Husband and wife, we vow to love each other endlessly, to respect and trust one another faithfully and to cherish in the fruits of whatever fate may lay before us, not only til death to us part for our vows meant to last til life after death..." The wedding pictures were frozen evidence of how joyous and happy that day was. The wedding party lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

Fast forward to today, they are still each other's friend, lover, bestfriend, adviser, ego-booster. I am looking forward to seeing them grow old together for their share of forever. Cheers to more years of togetherness.

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