Happiness Is...Achieving Your Goal!

5:09 PM

Before I joined this contest (Nestle 14-Day Challenge), one of my motivations is to fit into this little red dress I bought and has been hanging in my closet for the longest time. Now, it is more than that, not even the slightest bit of any superficial reason. Now, I realized the value of taking care of my health to be able to enjoy life more, to be able to have the energy to get me through the day, to be able to bring back that self-confidence that has weighed me down.

I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things I want to see happen. Imagine the smile on my face as well as my teammate's at the weigh-off when we all reached the minimum required weight loss for the 14-day challenge. I could have jumped up and down, did somersaults if only I was not too shy enough.We were happy beyond words, unbelievably thankful that our dedication and hard work to attain our goals has paid off.

Now, the question is not who is going to let us; it is who is going to stop us continue setting goals for ourselves and achieving those goals one step at a time. Now that we all realized that we can commit to a goal, I know it would not be rocket science to continue the weight loss coupled with a responsible diet with the help of Nestle Fitnesse (you can't go wrong with any variant).

I am proud to belong to Team Earthlingorgeousness!!! Your VOTES will be our motivation to push through...

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