What's A Girl To Do?

5:32 PM

I have been preparing for the Timex Run that I am joining on the 15th and I have been sticking to my target and regimen as strictly as I can (well, until the body says stop). And what better way for a girl to spend some reward moments after a good workout than to pamper herself silly. Yeah?

I had marine algae foot spa and pedicure as well as marine algae manicure. This time I still have red polish only it's a different shade. Now, I am wearing OPI An Affair In Red Square. I got very good feedback as to the shine and intensity of the polish and I think this color just dethroned OPI Romeo and Joliet as my favorite.

And oh I also had some waxing done and I need not say where but it was done in Brazilian Bare, 5th Floor Rustans Makati. The attendant said I was too brave because I just read a magazine without letting an audible ouch out while she did what she had to do. Pat on the back girly!

What have you done to pamper yourself recently?

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