Dear Weekend

11:44 AM

Dear Weekend,

Finally, you are here. You have been inviting me for a walk and I am going out for a walk with you. You have enticed me to look forward to being with you again. I have been waiting for you too to be honest.

I have so much to do. I needed you to come so bad because I have so many things lined up in my to-do list but I don't feel like doing a single thing.

I just want to sleep in, dream, and wake up refreshed. I admit you made me sleepless Weekend. You have been luring me with the promise of good times and a chance to party til I drop. But you know I wouldn't be happy with that. You are giving me false positives.

I need to drop by the laundry shop and have them clean a week's worth of dirty clothes. I need to shop for food or else I will starve the next week. Remind me though that I need to buy just the healthy ones. Remind me too to not forget to take a little indulgence today. Get a massage! You have to live up to your name, you have to be restorative and relaxing.

I need to change my sheets as well. Put on some clean, crisp sheets and pillow cases. And please let the rain fall. I want to mask my sobs with the pouring rain. No, no don't worry. I am perfectly okay, I just need a release or my stress level will soar high I might just explode.

And don't forget to help me clean the carpet. I need your help. I need extra hands.

So, you asked me to make you some mango salsa, I will gladly do that for you. Weekend you know I can give you all my time. I am my own boss you know that.

I'd love to get a good read too. I need to finish the three books I started. I still have two unopened yet. So, I need to hurry and not procrastinate. You know me.

And let me finish the letter I am writing for someone too. Don't be jealous Weekend. I am writing you one now. I hope he receives it on time. Yeah, he's a he. I hope he smiles when he opens it and finds his name in the salutation.

I will not attend the food tasting anymore where I was invited. I don't want too much food in my tummy. So, I have more time devoted to you.

So, I only ask for rain okay? Don't give me thunderstorms and lightning. I am dead scared of them. I know you love me so much, you would grant my request so thank you Weekend. And please, stop the rain when I go run too.

Prove to me I'm right. Meet my expectations.

I'll walk with you later.


***NOTE: This is a repost from my a blog I used to maintain. I decided to post this because this is exactly what I am feeling now...

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