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I am never a "belt-person". I can go on with my day wearing my jeans and a shirt or a blouse and I'll be happy even if I forget to wear a belt. I find wearing a belt to cinch my waist very constricting. Well, to say the least, I wear a belt when I know that I am going to an all you can eat dinner. All my belts are just in their comfy place waiting to be worn gathering some dust. And oh I don't really buy expensive belts, I am happy with the ones I have. Most of the ones I have were bought from XOXO, Mossimo or yes SM Department Store.

Imagine the shock of my life when one day I'd be owning a designer belt, a Hermes belt. This reversible belt is sold online for US$980. It is quite a fortune. It is made of epsom/chamonix calfskin and the silver buckle is silver and palladium plated. And you guessed it right, the stingy in me will never ever buy something as expensive as that (at least while I am still a worker ant).

But you know blessings do come and I am certainly blessed. I am part of the team who joined and won in the recently concluded Nestle 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape Challenge and we won Manila's Most Coveted Designer Wardrobe handpicked by Manila's style mavens (Bianca Consunji, Rissa Mananquil, Jenni Epperson, Joyce Fernandez, Audrey Carpio, Donna Cuna Pita, Isabel Roces and Pauline Juan). I can only dream about owning any of the pieces in the wardrobe but our teamwork and determination made each of our dreams a reality.

And oh yes, H stands for HERMES I know but for me it stands for HEALTH and HAPPINESS. I am at the phase in my life right now where I'd rather choose to be healthy and happy. Or well, I could settle for HOT anytime of the day. LOL!

For losing 4 pounds during the challenge, I won the Hermes Belt and a Kate Torralba Trench Coat (sold at Php12,000). Ain't I super lucky?

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