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I am one of the members of the team who won in the recently concluded Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape Challenge as you all may know right now because of the previous articles I have posted about it. Again, let me thank everyone who showed support and voted for us as soon as we qualified for the final round after meeting the weigh-off requirements. I lost a total of 4lbs during the 14-day challenge. At present, I have lost a total of 15lbs (I could have lost more if not for the holidays).

Here's a picture of me at the photoshoot. This is not the official picture yet. Belle just had fun taking pictures while I am being styled by Isha and taught how to pose to have the right angle for the camera. Hahaha! I never thought it could be that hard when you are all conscious. We already saw the final AVP for this shoot and the final pictures as well during the intimate dinner that Nestle and Geiser-Maclang threw for us at Lolo Dads 6750 (well that's another story which I plan to write about tomorrow).

I was so excited to wear the coat that I forgot it still has the price tag on. LOL! Or maybe I just subconsciously didn't remove it. Ha! This is the first Kate Torralba piece I own and my friends all liked it.

Wes Villarica was our photographer that day. He motivated all four of us to strike the most confident pose we could ever muster. Isha Andaya was our stylist. They both were a big help on our first foray at modelling. I had goosebumps typing that last sentence. LOL! It was challenging but ultimately rewarding so to speak.

And voila, here's my picture together with the designer herself, Miss Kate Torralba. She was very friendly and accommodating. We all had an enjoyable conversation over dinner. I was starstruck of course but still manage to join in on the variety of topics we talked about.

It's the most expensive coat in my wardrobe so far...

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