Rojo's Shoes

12:11 PM

"You have never really lived until you've done something for somebody who can never repay you."

I organized a running club in our office due to the incessant prodding of one of my coworkers late last year. The group started growing and by January we have already decided to join a race scheduled for the month of February. Everyone was excited. Some even bought new shoes, some just planned to use the shoes they used to train on race day. I got several commitments to join until one day I received an email from one of my office mates, Rogelio Jose whom we fondly call Rojo, and he told me that he will not be joining anymore because he has given away his one and only pair of running shoes to someone who needs it more than he do. He gave it to an Ondoy victim who had just been using a mangled pair of flip flops since their house and all their properties were submerged in floodwater.

I was sad that he would not be able to join us but I was overwhelmed because of what he had to do. I knew he really wanted to join us but he made the sacrifice so that someones feet can rest comfortably in the cushion of a blue Diadora shoes. To rest comfortably might be an understatement even as it could have felt like utter heaven to the homeless Ondoy victim when he finally slid his feet inside and tied the shoelaces up.

Here is the picture of the shoes taken from the Diadora website (I was not able to ask a picture of the real shoes):

His story might seem so simple, forgettable, scant even but the simplicity of the story and my friends' noble reason to give up something for someones happiness is truly an inspiring story to tell. I was moved and shed a tear when I got home. It was such an altruistic proof of love, such a selfless act. His story made me realize that happiness can be spread and some little acts of goodwill could be a precursor to such. Life is after all giving and sharing.

Truly, the smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions. Rojo made me so proud to know someone like him. Me and the rest of those who were able to join the race talked about what Rojo did and we all had smiles at the starting line and the finish line especially when we each got our own medals.

We knew Rojo was there running with us in thought and that put big smiles on our faces. On the other hand, the recipient of the shoe maybe jumping up and down, screaming out loud, unable to stop thanking the donor of his shoes.

Cheers to more running miles for that blue and white shoes!

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