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I was stoked to read the feature in Earth's blog but a bit sad that I was not able to buy a copy of the Manila Bulletin where we got featured in but hope didn't leave me wanting for long because Google came to my rescue. Google helped me find the article written by Cherry Tan in the Fashion Section of the Manila Bulletin website.

Team Earthlingorgeousness

Here's a snippet of what Cherry Tan has written:

Some women would do anything for a beautiful dress. This was the general premise for the recently concluded Nestlé Fitnesse Challenge, in which contestants were asked to follow a regulated diet that centered on the breakfast cereal for 14 days for a chance to win a wardrobe of designer pieces. Officially named 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape, the competition was open to all, men and women alike, who could form fitness partnerships or teams of not more than six before the initial weigh-in day of November 14, 2009 at the launch that was held at the Greenbelt Park.

Four women prevailed over the regimented diet as well as the online voting and came to claim the prize in the end. Under the moniker Team Earthlingorgeousness, Mercedes “Earth” Rullan, Kessa Thea Peralta, Belle Marquez, and Rowena Zaballa were able to lose more than the mandatory two pounds within the 14 days and win virtual strangers over with their fitness diaries, online records of their cereal-fueled journey. The Internet, indeed, played a large role in the competition, not only as the means to clinch the win, but also as the venue where these four now-fashionably clad women met.

Such is these ladies rapport that they were able to diplomatically divvy up their winnings with each woman taking home two pieces from the coveted prize. The intimate dinner became a decked-out occasion as Rullan, Peralta, Marquez, and Zaballa arrived dressed to the nines in Michi Calica Sotto, Kate Torralba, Religioso, and Rhett Eala, respectively. Rullan also opted for the 7FAM skinny jeans, while the Hérmes belt went to Peralta. Marquez rocks her Chanel dress and Zaballa, her gold Jun Escario top. They laugh as they are asked if scuffles broke out while they claimed their stake. “Not really,” says Rullan, “Maybe a bit,” giggles Marquez.

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