Passport Status: Renewed!

6:16 PM

I got my passport delivered to my doorstep a couple of days ago and I like it way better than I did my old one. Applying for passport is really more efficient right now. I now have a Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and it will expire on 2015. Philippine passports have five (5) years validity after issuance. Now I am ready to travel the world, one country at a time. Big dreams!

Availing of the service (which set me back Php1300) was the best decision that I have ever made. I have literally avoided long lines (which is one of my pet peeves)and I made appointments based on my own convenience. I decided when the requirements will be picked up, when I would go to the Department of Foreign Affairs for the personal appearance and when it will be delivered. The process was so seamless.

Before you set-up an appointment, please be sure to accomplish all the required documents. Applying for a passport for the first time has more requirements than when you are just renewing. If you lost your passport, you need to present a few other requirements as well.

To read more about what to expect when getting your passport, click here.

Here's a map of the current DFA Consulars Affairs Office:

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