Short Nails Painted Matte

7:57 PM

For those who follow me in Twitter probably know by now that I broke one of my nails a couple of days ago so I decided to just cut them all off short...super short. I am not used to this. LOL! I drop things, I can't seem to hold on to anything and I type really slow now. I am still getting used to having short nails and I am not liking it.

Anyway, I decided to paint my nails some hot summery color. I picked up OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte and tried it on. I love it! It is a bright pink color but not over the top. It looks so fun and really summery. As it is matte, you need not have to brush on a base coat and a top coat and it dries super fast. The matte nail polish dries extremely fast (almost immediately) so you’ll have to paint fast or it will dry in a clump and get all messy. I suggest you paint on two coats of this polish. Let the brush fan from the top center part of the nail and then paint the sides quickly. Repeat as desired.

This is my first time to try a matte polish so pardon the streaky finish. I will get better in time for sure. I plan to make this my staple summer nail polish. To appreciate this polish more, click this link for a better swatch.

This made me want to own a bottle of Essie "Matte About You" matte top coat. It is really hot, so I have heard, so if you want you can get that one and just put it over any colour of your choice! But if you only get one matte, consider "La Paz-itively Hot".

I really liked how the La Paz-itively Hot came out in matte, it’s bright and has a little shimmer to it. Have you tried it?

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