Fitness Sunshine and Summertime (Kate Torralba's Tightly Knit Summer Collection)

9:41 PM

I am officially back but still busier than ever...

This week has been too hectic for me and my calendar is so full of social gatherings (fashion shows, launches, awards nights, name it). But who am I to complain? I have been pulling all-nighters (well I do this always because I work nights) and then sleep has been elusive so I would be happy to catch even just a couple of hours sleep. I woke up earlier than usual yesterday so I can head to Greenbelt 5 for the launch of Kate Torralba's Tightly Knit Summer Collection in partnership with Nestle Fitnesse. I got the invite a couple of weeks ago and boy did I wait anxiously for this event?

After registering for the event and getting my press kit (which is by far hands down the prettiest press kit I have ever received), the show started. Kate Torralba (KT), a very talented fashion designer and musician who loves bold prints and patterns and everything and anything colorful and quirky, kicked off the event with a short and sweet welcome remarks.

Everyone stopped and waited in anticipation before the models started to walk the makeshift runway flaunting the sexy and colorful swimsuits, bikinis, jumpsuits, and skin-baring onesies in pastel colors, almost like rainbow Skittles (yeah colorful candies that is). Kate’s flashy sense of design was really very evident in every piece in the collection. They are easy to wear, there’s almost zero styling involved, and they make good conversation starters. Resort-ready!

Oh, the shoes by the way, are pretty too.

Inside the Kate Torralba store, I got a better look and feel at the fabric used for the collection. I initially thought the fabric is rough but I was wrong, the material was actually soft to the touch. Although I am still clueless what the material used was aside from the fact that well it was knitted. Kate gave away a gift certificate worth Php5000 to the person who could guess her waistline. I didn't win.

This is my favorite in the collection. 

Before I left, I had my picture taken with Kate. I am thrilled that she still remembers/recognizes me. Until then, I have to save more to afford her dresses. The asymmetric dress Kate Torralba wore is nice and I think it's the only one I can pull off. I wonder if it's even part of the collection (although the print and material is pretty much the same).

Kate Torralba’s Tightly Knit Collection is available exclusively at her Greenbelt 5 store.

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