My New Hair (Jesi Mendez Salon)

10:39 AM

I chopped off a little more than five inches off my hair last Monday. I have been planning to cut it for so many months already but I have always digressed. This is arguably the longest hair I have ever maintained since I was born. I can still remember how I survived college with a very short hair (so short that I just had to comb gel in my hands and put a girly clip on one side) much less how I got the reprimand from my mom and dad when I had an undercut in high school. I didn't do it to rebel, I just had to because I had very thick hair. Looking back I could only laugh at myself for ever doing it. I was the prim and proper and cool girl at the same time. I wasn't able to keep pictures though (could have been a good story to tell to my grandkids when time comes).

See, I have very thin hair, maybe less than half the volume I have had in high school. I do not know what happened but probably stress and the frequent styling has made me lose strands. I am not alarmed though but then I made it a point to check out the ingredients of my shampoo. Yes, I wash my hair everyday, sometimes even twice a day or thrice this summer season. I know it isn't good to wash it everyday as the natural oils get stripped thereby making the hair weak and prone to damage. I have a naturally oily scalp and so I always make sure to wash off product residue and build-up. I am vain like that.

I went to Jesi Mendez Salon (Cash and Carry Branch) last Monday because I and Joyce wanted to shake the stress off away because our house was broken in. I don't actually see the point right now why we had to do what we did but we felt doing it at that time. Joyce had her curls removed and about six inches was cut. I initially wanted to have fringes but the stylist opted to just give me layers and chop off more or less five inches. I instantly liked how the style made my hair look voluminous. And without make-up and all that, the cut complimented the shape of my face quite well.

I forgot the name of the stylist (I am blaming my surging stress level and my paranoia right now). I may go back for another cut next month or well maybe a coloring job just before my birthday. I may go with a reddish hue or just have my hair colored jet black. I don't know. Maybe it would all depend on my mood again. I would however, personally recommend the services of this salon. Very friendly staff and reasonably priced services. I got my haircut for only Php300.00 (about $6.00) including shampoo before the cut and blowdry after. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it isn't expensive to get salon service here in the Philippines.

What do you think of my new hair?

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