Thank You, Sunsilk!

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Last May 26, I attended the Sunsilk Fashion Event at the Mall of Asia in line with the Philippine Fashion Week extravaganza. I almost did not attend because I had to wake up too early in order to get prime seats plus I still need to claim my ticket and event pass. It is not a secret that I work nights so sleep is a luxury but then that day I decided to cheat on sleep and troop to the event venue. It was fun taking pictures of the models as they sashayed down the runway with dresses created by fresh talents in the fashion design world.

SM Mall of Asia Atrium - Event Venue

Sarah Meyer hosted the Sunsilk Co-Creations Fashion Week Show

After the event, bloggers were invited to attend an after-party for the announcement of the expert-touched style blog contest. I immediately blogged the mechanics at the venue using the Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 netbooks provided by Villman Computers. It was pretty quick because I only copied the details from the Hair Experts Facebook Page. After feasting on the food and ice cream and meeting some other bloggers, I went straight to work because my office is just near. I took home with me the press kit and 4 bottles (different variants) of Sunsilk Co-Creations Shampoo. This is one thing I love about blogger events - freebies!

I was at a loss for a concept or idea on what to write and thinking that the deadline was fast approaching (we were only given about five days), I started to tell the story about how me and my hair are often more enemies than bestfriends. I posted the entry a little after 330AM and then edited pictures the next day. Seeing that my entry was still half-baked I decided to add an encouragement to my readers as well as tweak the lyrics of a popular song by Alicia Keys. I had officemates read it and I was surprised that they liked even just the first sentence. It gave me confidence to finally submit my entry and then ask for friends to increase the popularity of the blog post. I emailed friends and asked them to like the entry and if they feel like commenting then they can do so. I am so elated and overwhelmed with the support given to me.

When the finalists were announced, I was so ecstatic to see my name included. I expected to win the iPod Nano because the other finalists had amazing entries and support from their respective friends too. I told myself that winning the iPod will be a nice prize already. I really did not expect that I will be adjudged as the Best-Ever blogger. I was literally shaking when I was handed the prize and one of the finalists felt it. Now, I am a proud owner of a Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t netbook and tablet PC in one.

Thank you so much Sunsilk for noticing my entry. You have an amazing product and I am now pledging my loyalty to you. Looking forward to more events in the future.

Arvin, Carlo, Jem, Nikki, Nel, Kessa

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