Traveling Feet

3:43 PM

Airfare prices have considerably dropped and almost every week local airline companies try to outdo each other in the price war. I am only but happy to participate and buy tickets when they do. Who doesn't want to fly to a place with super cheap ticket prices. So low that the airport terminal fee is in fact more expensive than the airfare.

So, yeah, I have booked a few flights for me and my family already. My mom wants me to book another flight to Puerto Princesa for the whole family and our househelp so we all can see the Underground River. Ah, I think mom is on a vacation mode this past few years. She deserves it I think because she has been working so hard to say the least. I have been trying to scout for some HP coupon code to use to order for a surprise something-something for my little sister. And now that I have moved to another account at work I think I might need a Dell coupon too. Haha! Yes girlies, I am now working for another company in case you have not read my previous posts with hints.

Back to the airfare story, I am so excited for my Boracay trip this month. Eddene, my friend who works in the Middle East, told me to not buy new swimwear anymore as she has graciously bought some for me and will be bringing them when she comes home next week. Awesome eh? I will be traveling with Jonah and now I am thinking of ways on how I can leave super early for work on the 31st as our flight will be super early too. Anxious...

So, I think I just have to shop for some clothes to wear while in the island... If you want to save some more moolah then head on over to Who knows you might get a few steals you might like.

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