OPI Chick Flick Cherry

8:19 AM

RED. Classic red. Chick Flick Cherry. 

I love red and almost all my nail polishes is red in varying depth and intensity. I used to be scared with red polish on my nails until I finally concluded that red is sexy and it looks good on my digits. I started my love affair with the red nail polish back in 2007 when Marionnaud Nail Spa is still in business. I would either have the nail attendants paint my nails with Chanel in Dragon or Christina Fitzgerald in Rachel. I just happily switch between both shades until I discovered the wide array of choices with OPI and Zoya.

Before my trip to Boracay last month, I had paraffin wax on my hands and feet and chose OPI Chick Flick Cherry for my nails. I bought this polish last year but I haven't really used it yet because I thought it is kind of boring compared to OPI An Affair in Red Square or Zoya Asia and Kalmia. And then I must admit that I am wrong. OPI Chick Flick Cherry is not boring, it's actually pretty sexy and very opaque.

OPI Chick Flick Cherry is the racy red nail polish that forms part of a unique nail varnish collection that has a stylish range of vibrant colours to give you a touch of glowing glitz and glamour style any time of the day! As well as a tough formula that provides a long lasting manicure, these super stylish nail varnishes from OPI give you so much more than any ordinary nail varnish with a radiant red look like no other! Lasting up to a fortnight, these nail lacquers give you nails that simply shine for a strictly A-list look anytime, anywhere! - OPI Nail Lacquer

Here are  some pics of my fingernails and toenails: 

Do you like red lacquers on your nails too? What is your favorite shade?

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