Waxing It All Away

1:17 AM

A week ago, I had another session of waxing. I had all the hair on every inch of my body (except the head) waxed. It was yet another ordeal as it was the first time that I am getting waxed a couple of days after my period has ended. I expected it to hurt a tad bit more than what I am used to so I popped an ibuprofen (I heard mefenamic acid works just as good) an hour before my appointment. I say I came prepared for it and expected that it would hurt but I would still be able to bear it.

While it is true that the term waxing would scare even the bravest of souls, I still put on my brave face during the entire session. I came with a book and read in attempt to thwart my focus away from the procedure. I was a little successful in this area because after all the book ain't some form of anesthesia. I really didn't have any choice though. If I had the waxing done before my period, for sure the hair would have grown back a little while I am on vacation (defeats the purpose). If I waited for another day, I could have a red, angry, itchy rash that would be unsightly. I chose the latter and yeah I had an itchy rash on my right leg the whole time I was on my little getaway in the city. Ahhhh! Imagine my disappointment. I had to deal with the rash that made me so conscious all along. Then again, the other parts of my body that did not develop a reaction to the procedure was all smooth. So I guess that made up for it.

Now, you ask me? Why do I subject my self in such a torture? Waxing is definitely a better hair removal alternative compared to shaving or plucking. One procedure would leave you hair-free for two to six weeks depending on your hair growth. With continued waxing you may expect your skin to be lighter and smoother, while hair re-growth finer and sparser. That's just about it, as simple as that.

I am not new to waxing and I started back in 2006 out of curiosity. I had my legs waxed at Dashing Diva in Rockwell. I kept on coming back until I decided I should have my arms waxed too, and so I did. I didn't have long and thick hair on my legs and arms for the record but I liked the feeling of being hair free. This continued on until I decided to get my first ever Brazilian Wax at Brazilian Bare in Rustans. In case you don't know yet, the more sinister counterpart of Brazilian is Californian Wax = all off, totally bald. My first ever full body wax was done at Lay Bare in Filmore. Since then, waxing became a part of my beauty regimen. I don't think I'm ever going to ditch this habit.

Even if it itches after, the more you do it the less hair grows back so I keep coming back. And you ask me again...DOES IT HURT? Hell yes, it still hurt especially in the mons pubis area. So if you ever consider getting waxed, just be ready to experience a little hurt, you'll still come out alive for sure. No pain, no gain!

I wonder if a numbing spray and a glass of wine will make the pain go away? Hmmmmm! I'll try that next time.

NOTE: I will write a separate post about how I got rid of the rash using a very wonderful product soon. Watch out for it. :-)

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