Spring/Summer 2011 RTW Collection

9:10 AM

LANVIN(Images from WWD)


Very mysterious and truly enchanting, Lanvin’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection came stronger than ever with the most beautiful pieces on the runway. The astonishing details emphasize the looks expressing stunning art through clothes. Check out next Alber’s designs through Lanvin’s collection!

For this season, Spring/Summer 2011, Alber Elbaz prepared a collection that surprised through energy and femininity. With charming details and flawless silhouettes, Lanvin’s fashion show captured different sections of clothes, from fluid romantic shapes to rough independent business wear, fancy colorful cocktail dresses, chic metallic dresses with tribal influences and wild printed jungle jumpsuits.

VALENTINO (Images from WWD)

Delightful and extremely charming, Valentino’s collection for the Spring/Summer 2011 season brings spring-ish influences where innocent looks lead into the nightlife mystery wrapped in fluid shapes and romantic overall appearances. From sheer to polka-dots, ruffles or lace, Valentino presents everything in a classy elegant manner.

Lace took a special place along the way with effective details that improved the delicate-looks and transformed them a bit more dramatic in the same romance captivating theme. Ending up the fashion show for the Spring/Summer 2011 big time, Valentino brought a series of looks with a fabulous allure that came with the elegant gowns which summed up the entire show. Pure, charming and graceful!

MARC JACOBS (Images from WWD)

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show was like a fairytale, a funhouse with exciting color and magical clothes with a dramatic feeling attached to every piece, a flash-back into the 70’s beauty and elegance, where old fashion trends were wrapped into clothing wear, reinvented, updated and taken to extremes.

Very fashionable and extremely chic, the collection combined a series of fashion trends for the next season. The perfectionist fashion designer, Marc Jacobs brought back fashionable divas from back in the 1970s, elegance, mystery and evolving style, all adapted to our modern times and emphasized through colours, shapes or styles.

Continuing in the same mood, Marc’s collection came out as a surprise and simply beautiful with every look on the runway. From fabulous chic office looks that emphasize the image of an independent woman to fluid shapes that put in value the body through long elegant dresses, this fashion show captured all the styles and took them to perfection.


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