Handcrafted Organic Soaps

4:56 PM

I am in-love with the handcrafted organic soaps that I recently discovered. I love how wonderful the smell of the different variants are and how soft my skin feels after I shower. The scent is delicious, every shower almost feels like I am eating at the same time. As these are made of organic ingredients there are no harsh chemicals, no toxic ingredients such as synthetic preservatives, additives and mineral oil in it. The fine, creamy, rich lather is distinctly different, which cleanses thoroughly without drying my skin.

I bought different variants to try...

This is my favorite so far... It smells so good. If only soaps are edible. LOL! 

Xanthone from mangosteen fruit is an anti-oxidant, skin rejuvenator and anti-aging. This soap has a delectable aroma and texture and a velvety lather that leaves your skin softer and smoother.
This is a whitening soap that exfoliates the skin and has a sweet smell.
Pineapple has astringent properties that leaves your skin squeaky clean.
Best used as antibacterial soap. It is made from malunggay, banaba, guava and bignay thus the green color. 

Have you tried any of these soaps? What is your favorite? If you want to try out these soaps, let me know...

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