We Are Spontaneous, Alright!

4:16 AM

My friend, Eddene, and I went to Legazpi Weekend Market last Sunday. It wasn't at all planned. We were just discussing how metabolism works the fastest after a workout. So, after heating ourselves up in the sauna at the gym, we just dropped off our gym bags and headed straight to an open parking lot in Legazpi Village which is converted to a food and produce and paintings and soaps and house decor expo every Sunday. It is open from 7AM until 2PM.

In Legazpi, it’s a diverse mix of food (Italian, Filipino, American, Swiss, Australian, Korean, Chinese among others) and dry goods stalls (soaps, candles, bamboo towels, shawls, paintings, antiques and a lot more) compared to the Salcedo Saturday Market, which is populated by food hawkers. Unlike in Salcedo where pets are not allowed, your pet is allowed in Legazpi. I, however, liked the location of Salcedo more (but that's another topic).

Here are some of the pictures I took while there (you know me, such a shutterbug!):

Apples looking crisp, I wanna bite 'em now...

Now all I need is some cocktail...


Philippine Mango = the best mango ever! 

Filipino native delicacies made of rice.


I don't know what you call this but I think they are decorative wind chimes.

Old phones, oil burners, plates.

Bananas and papayas

I couldn't remember the last time I ate star apples... I don't know why they are called such (they don't look like stars to me).

Purple hydrangea. So pretty!

Soaps that smell like food (yummy!).

More soaps. I bought 5 and will be coming back. These are sold at Php150 for 5 pieces (approx $5)

The higher end soaps. These are sold at Php150 for every 100 grams. The Queen of Egypt is what I want from this bunch.

Shawl heaven...

Do you want to squeeze Legazpi Park for your Sunday itinerary? I might go back, I need more of those soaps.

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