Purederm Botanical Choice Nourishing Repair Hair Mask

7:33 AM

I seldom use other hair care products other than the usual shampoo and conditioner and so when Purederm graciously sent me a package full of beauty loot I was stoked and more than excited to try them all. I've reviewed the BB Cream a couple of months back and now I will be reviewing the Nourishing Repair Hair Mask in Chamomile.

This product is enriched with Chamomile Extract, Rosemary Extract and other ingredients. It's a rich treatment for frizzy, damaged and unruly hair (my hair is sometimes like this). With its creamy texture and delicate scent, the mask penetrates at the heart of the hair to nourish and repair frizzy and curly hair.

With our kind of weather, every Filipina needs to really do more than shampoo and condition, we all need additional treatments to make sure our hair gets the proper attention it deserves, after all our hair is our crowning glory.


I generally like the product because it has a relaxing scent and it made my hair straight. However, I had a hard time curling my hair the next day after using it. I expected the product to be soothing on my scalp (that tingling feeling you feel with other shampoos that has chamomile or eucalyptus) but I wasn't able to feel such. I would recommend this product for those naturally curly-haired girls and not to those who love to style their hair like me.

Purederm Botanical Choice Nourishing Repair Hair Mask is available at Watson’s for Php 79.75 for a 20ml pack.

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