Regaining Financial Control

12:34 AM

I have been seriously thinking about getting back to my savings plan. Yes, I have it all written down. I still follow the equation that my mom gave me: income less savings equals expenses and not interchanging the last two. So far it has been working but then I still could not resist the urge to indulge my retail wants (yes wants). Can you blame me if I could not curb or satiate my retail hunger? Lately though I have been thinking of some radical steps to regain financial control once and for all (no matter how tempting the Marc Jacobs handbags are). You just have to see for yourself (but don't blame me if your piggy banks break).

Seriously, I have to stop spending like there's no tomorrow. I have this "live in the moment" drive right now that I can't seem to control. I easily get enticed by brand names such as Marc by Marc Jacobs (incredibly distinctive thanks to its bright colors, effortless manner and playful attitude), my current go-to store for chic fashion finds Forever 21, La Senza for lingeries and sleepwear, Steve Madden for shoes among others.

Of course I will not cheat myself and not reward it for all the sleepless nights I spend at work. My first action plan however is to make sure that I live frugally and not spend more than I earn. I will also arrange to have a certain amount of my paycheck automatically deposited into one of my savings account. Then I will sit back and watch it grow.

Oh yeah, I swore off the plastic already. This is one thing I am very proud of because as of the moment I don't have a credit to my name. Ah, that dark mauve handbag wouldn't hurt I guess (it's currently discounted by 20%). I'll think about the bag now and then start saving after. Hehe! And I just gave in to temptation again...

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