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I have written about the Samsung Smart TV Press Release as well as the Exclusive Bloggers' Conference. I also wrote about "Things I Can Do With A Samsung Smart TV" where I outlined the possible things I could do with Samsung Smart TV spelled out as well as compose a poem using Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." classic. I then gave you a sneak peek on who the star of Samsung's new TV commercial is.

Now I am back to tell you more about the rest of the things I can do with a Samsung Smart TV. I am back to convince you to get one for yourself. I am back to convince you to comment and like this post so you need not worry what to give me on my birthday come June. You all could just read this post (and like it too of course) and gift me with this sleek tech creation.

1. The Samsung Smart TV when turned off could be used as a mirror. LOL! Oh well, let's all admit it. We have a little vainness in our blood. At least I am guilty of this. Whenever I see a mirrored glass or wall or appliance, I check my reflection. That's a 55-inch mirror you have there.

2. The Samsung Smart TV when turned on can function as hmmm well, a TV what else? You can just sit back and relax and enjoy every show you watch while admiring how sleek the brushed titanium finish is. It's amazing how the Samsung engineers were able to create the TV with a bezel (D8000) of just two tenths of an inch wide. That's the width of two nickels! It's a virtually edgeless TV.

3. The Samsung Smart TV can be my ultimate game console. I am not big on gaming but I think this TV will get me addicted. Well, at least for my mom who loves playing Plants vs. Zombies. For sure, it'll be easier for her to see the zombies and kill 'em all. This TV enhances dark areas, sharpens the picture, speeds up the image processing response and enhances the sounds of your games. Picture and sound quality optimized for the special needs of gaming systems at the touch of a button. My mom and me will be game geeks (late bloomers).

4. The Samsung Smart TV can be my own movie theater. I can catch up on movies I have missed and I can watch it without queueing and paying at the cashier. I can just make some homemade popcorn or open a bag of chips and soda on the side and I am ready to experience a theater mood right inside my living room.

5. The Samsung Smart TV will be my social networking hub. It will be a centralized avenue for my social networking activities. I can check my Facebook account, my Twitter account, my Myspace account, my WAYN account, my Plaxo aggregator, my Netlog account heck even my almost extinct Friendster account. I can check these sites and a lot more while watching TV. Isn't that super convenient?

6. The Samsung Smart TV will be my APP-prodisiac. It will be a cornucopia of all apps that I am interested to download and use. Samsung Apps is a growing collection of premium web-connected apps specifically built for your TV that connects you to your favorite digital content such as movies from Netflix or Blockbuster, TV shows from Hulu Plus, videos from YouTube, Next Level sports information from ESPN, music from Pandora, and social updates from Facebook or Twitter. This may not all be available now but in time I know Samsung will make a way to make all these happen for my enjoyment. Thank you Samsung! :-) (Please note that available apps may vary by product and model.)

7. The Samsung Smart TV will be my giant Youtube screen. I shall say goodbye to my 15-inch laptop and say hello to my giant edgeles TV screen. It will be exhilarating to watch my favorite gossip videos, make-up tutorials, simple DIY instructional videos, even random funny videos uploaded by people all over the world.

8. The Samsung Smart TV will be my new screen for my Outlook Web Access (work email). I usually still work even I am at home and access work emails through OWA. Now, I don't have to scroll from end to end when viewing graphs and analytics. I can just simply load everything up in one screen. Awesome eh? If I have a meeting invite, I can also attend even through web conferencing and video conferencing. Sounds grand!

9. The Samsung Smart TV will let me use Twitter all day and night (as many hours as I want to). I will be able to access and read my feeds, retweet amazing things and videos and pictures from the movies and shows I am watching. I can watch online news and send a message to Twitter. I can read online news and send a message to Twitter. I can watch online videos and send the link to Twitter to share it with friends.

10. The Samsung Smart TV will let me surf the internet. Ain't that smart? A dedicated web browser, optimized for my use with the Samsung Smart TV, will allow me to expand my TV entertainment experience. I can view my TV show in one portion of the screen and the other while my Facebook or other networking site feeds are loading.

11. The Samsung Smart TV will let me Search All. Oh yes ALL! Search All will bring me easy ways to locate shows that I want to watch – even while I am viewing live TV – and will help me find related content on the web or other DNLA connected devices. Did I just praise the awesomeness of this TV? And yes, it will display star ratings too.

12. The Samsung Smart TV will be my personal adviser. Wonder why? Because it will recommend movies and TV shows that reflect my individual taste and it is based on ratings and previous viewing history. Your Video serves up videos that are undoubtedly right for me just like how right the TV fits in my living room. There's an empty space that's waiting for it I should say.

13. I can stream music on my Samsung Smart TV. The music lover in me finds this a welcome function and a very good one at that. I can even personalize my own TV radio “station” with the app from Pandora. This is way too cool!

14. I can master Texas Hold’em using the Samsung Smart TV. I know the basics but being connected to the TV many hours in a day will surely teach me the tricks of the trade. It will be my virtual playground, my virtual table, my virtual Las Vegas.

15. I work for a Canadian company and so the Samsung Smart TV will be a big help. It will help me get a lot familiar with the geography of Canada through Google Maps, check the current weather through AccuWeather and of course watch live telecasts of the NHL too.

16. The Samsung Smart TV will be my online shopping nook. I can now place orders with larger preview of the items I want to buy. I can now order fastfood if I won't have time to cook anymore (be it pizza, pasta, or chicken dinners). I can now buy make-up and choose the right colors because the swatches will have colors that will be close to the real thing. I would never have to return another purchase again because of the color difference.

17. The Samsung Smart TV will let me do almost real life Skype sessions. I have friends and special friends outside the country and seeing them and talking to them through Skype is but the next best thing. All I need to do is to connect the TV to the Internet and attach a FREETALK TV Camera for Samsung, which will be available soon in the Skype Shop. Once I’ve done that, I’ll be able to make voice calls and high quality video calls. Voice calls will use Skype’s SILK audio codec for the best possible calling experience.

18. I can watch 3D through the Samsung Smart TV. Alongside a growing catalog of 3D Blu-ray movies, some 3D programming will be available on cable and pay-per-view. New 3D content is being created all the time — more and more films and shows are being shot and broadcast in 3D and entire 3D cable networks are in the works. And of course there is no watching 3D without the 3D glasses.

19. With Samsung Smart TV I can be my own movie mogul. At least in my own right. Hehe! I can assemble my own home theater and I'll have the freedom to watch the films I want when I want it either alone or in big/small groups.

20. The Samsung Smart TV will make me a famous person. I don't think I will ever have spare money to buy a Samsung Smart TV on my own so if I win this blog contest, I will for sure be famous. Hehe! So help me out friends. Give me this TV on my birthday. Let me experience all the things I mentioned and then some more. If you want, I'd even invite you all to watch TV with me when I finally set it up.

Let's make this happen. Click like and comment. Post your questions too, I have done a pretty extensive research about this product and I may be able to answer your queries.

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