Happiness Is Priceless

3:46 AM


I was contemplating where to go and what to do and while thinking out loud one of my coworkers (@imabratinella) suddenly gave me the instant push I was looking for. She told me to go to New Zealand if I want some peace and quiet. It was kind of a eureka moment for me as well as I had been convincing my sister to go there and work as a nurse since she passed the board exams. It's ironic that I have never really convinced myself to visit the land of 4 million people, vast greens, cows, 40 million sheep and the hobbits.

While my head started to spin travel plans my fingers started to use and overuse Google once again. I needed to know what to do and what are the requirements I needed to accomplish to set my foot on NZ soil. My wanderlust is tickling my feet, I just need to go somewhere. I need some escape. I need to breathe. I.need.to.go.away!

There I was staring at the New Zealand Embassy website. Sitting ecstatic at the thought that there is a bilateral fee-waiver agreements with the Philippines, I am overjoyed to say the least. I just saved Php4650 if I stay less than 59 days. I don't intend to stay that long for sure, not in my wildest dreams. I am the type who will not do anything more than 21 days (lest it becomes a habit). I probably will be there for at least two weeks, three weeks tops. I then checked flights and lo and behold, plane tickets are more expensive than tickets to Canada (where I really want to be at this very minute). Don't ask me why though. Okay, okay, I give in. I just want to visit Casa Loma, the Niagara Falls, the outlet stores, sip coffee at Tim Hortons, or just walk the streets and feel the air against my face. Then again, New Zealand couldn't be a bad alternative. I can finally be reunited to the cows of Birch Tree (80's milk).

In the meantime, I need to do some more research...It's not like I am just going to New York (Cubao) on a whim. 

Your thoughts? 

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