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I am thankful that we don't wear any uniform at work so I have basically free reign to wear what I want to some extent. Of course, I can't wear mini dresses, shorts, flip-flops and the like. I have found the following ensembles through the blog I recently discovered. This certain BLOG is full of all things glamorous and pretty.

Check out the following pieces:

I just love the black and white mix in this outfit. The shoes I don't like that much but this would be a sure winner with black peep-toe pumps.

I love both these dresses and the nude pumps too. I would for sure look leaner in these. I think  the V-neck detail would be a sure winner for ladies with small breasts but definitely not me. 

I really don't like the jacket because it looks so big for the model who wears it but I like the classic appeal. 

I love the jackets. <3

I love the shoe pairing.

This is my most favorite in this bunch of pictures. I love the hint of red in the first outfit and the all-out red second outfit. Oh yeah, if you don't know yet, R-E-D is my favorite color of all time. 

What do you think?

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