Dining Destination: Myron's Place Power Plant Mall

12:01 AM

I forgot to blog about this lunch I had with Olive because I didn't bring my camera when we went out. The closest alternative I had at that time was to use my phone (again, please pardon the low-res photos). We had lunch at Myron's Place at the Power Plant Mall when we watched Something Borrowed so that was almost two months ago.

The interior was cozy and the chairs/lounge seats were comfortable. I like that the place looked a little upscale compared to the other restaurants in the area. I think the interior is comparable to Burgoo in SM MOA except for the lighting. The lighting in Myron's was more subdued. The place offers free Wi-Fi connection too by the way (you can ask any of the staff for the access code.

The menu illustrations are almost real. Yummy even in pictures.  

Seafood Paella (I forgot the real name and the price). The online menu is not updated so I will update this info when I go back there. I will take notes for sure. 

Me and Olive waiting for our orders. 

Our drinks! I had Red Iced Tea and Olive had Pineapple Juice.  

Pork Binagoongan for Olive. 

We spent around Php1500 for everything we ordered which I think is reasonable enough.

MUST TRY: Pineapple Juice and Seafood Paella. The paella serves 2-3. 

VERDICT: I will be back and will surely try the Steak Diane with Pan Seared Foie Gras and of course to get the prices for what we ordered during this visit as well as the names too. I promise! 

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