That Blush Called Orgasm

6:59 PM

Retails at Php1350 at Rustans Makati (around $30)

Well as you read from the title of this post I have finally given in to one of the cult favorites in the beauty industry. I actually never considered of buying it because I have been so used of using the Color Nuance Blush in OR203 from The Face Shop but since they have stopped producing it (according to the sales attendant) and I could not find a suitable replacement I decided to give this blush from NARS a go.

It's not cheap for its size but it looks promising to me. Now I can relate as to why it is consistently voted as the best blush on the market by both beauty industry professionals and consumers. When applied it gives off a soft and sheer look. The main reason why I bought it is its promise that it would look good on any skin tone. It's a no-brainer and will save me from scouring other branches of TFS. I am just scared that I will love this so much because I might be buying other cult favorites from the brand like the Copacabana Highlighting Tool (which was offered to me by the sales attendant), The Laguna Bronzer and the Carthage Pure Matte Lipstick.

Peachy pink with a hint of shimmer.

I personally don't like the velvety texture of the packaging as it attracts dust and fall outs from the blush itself. I guess I just have to deal with it. I however like that it looks expensive and sleek and black.

I guess that's about what I can say. I wouldn't dare review this anymore because this has been reviewed by almost all beauty bloggers. It would be redundant to talk about it. I just hope I will get the bang for my buck with this purchase.

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