We're Not Friends If You Don't Know That I Love Sushi

12:01 AM

This month alone, I have indulged my love for sushi twice already. I first went out with my French-Canadian friend EG to Yakimix at Greenbelt 3. I'm not sure if I have thanked him already for going there way ahead of time for us to escape the queue (there's always a queue, it doesn't matter which branch you go). Anyway, it was a good dinner filled with conversations and loads of advices and seeing prominent people and VPL's (forget I said the latter). Anyway, we tried different kinds of sushi and here's how my plate looked:

My favorites in this plate: Salmon Sashimi and pickled red ginger called Gari (sliced young ginger marinated in sugar and vinegar. It is also referred to as sushi ginger. This pickle helps to cleanse the palate.

I only had this plate and some fruits because I wasn't that hungry. So, while EG was eating and cooking his own Korean-style food, I was just busy blabbing about the ins and outs and goings on in my life. He graciously listened. Haha!

Last Saturday, Olive and I decided to eat dinnner at Dad's Saisaki on a whim. We were both a bit hungry thus the decision. We could be spontaneous like that. Of course, I had sushi again. I am quite pleased with the selection of sushi in the restaurant. There were some new ones which I can't really name because there were no labels and I only know the basic ones. There's a roll wrapped in salmon and squid with peach or mango topping and some kani with Japanese mayo. There's a roll with cherry on top (looked like black forest). Okay, so you can relate here are some pictures:

My favorites in this plate: Salmon (Sake) Sashimi  and Squid (Ika) Sashimi as well as the Black Forest looking one (the one with the cherry on top). Pretty no? 

This is another angle of the plate. I just wanted to show you how pretty the servings are. 

Obviously this is my second plate. I love the classic California Maki and the attractive Ika Roll with Kiwi.

We enjoyed the meal and wished we had a bigger tummy. I raided the Japanese section while Olive feasted on Korean food (she obviously loves anything Korean). I only had sushi and I didn't even get to eat dessert anymore. Maybe, next time when I am not subconsciously and consciously trying to watch my food intake. Looking at the pictures, I think Dad's has earned my loyalty back. The sushi looked undeniably more attractive. What do you think? 

Do you love sushi too? What are your favorites?

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