Well Hello There September

1:16 PM

I can't believe how fast time flies. It's September now and it didn't feel that long since January. I am left wondering where did 8 months go. Surreal! Truly, the world doesn't stop for everyone nor for anyone. It just goes on and on and on. The hands of the clock just continues to tick and the sands of time just continues to trickle. The cycle of life doesn't stop (at least for the time being).

On a hindsight, I have spent too much time at work (staying for at least 9 hours to 14 hours any given day). I don't know if I am overworking myself or I am not just managing my time quite well. All I can think about now is that I have been biting off more than I can chew lately for the most part. I haven't had enough time to blog as well and I have practically ignored my other blogs. I am just in a slump right now. Not to mention how skewed my sleeping pattern has been. I haven't resorted to sleeping pills. Hitting the snooze button have been a hobby lately to say the least. On second thoughts, I think I do appreciate how fast time flies. Although, a lot of good things happened to me this year so far, I still feel that 2011 is not my year.

I will be flying out of the country on Saturday and I wish it will be epic. I hope this trip can give me the much needed time to recharge and think about the things that I really want in my life or to finally choose to decide on things that deserves attention. Hopefully, I can rearrange priorities that have been derailed and get my self back on track. I knew that I needed a vacation when 24 hours seemed too short to do everything I want to do. I guess I can still make things better before I say hello October. Even then, I wish life is a little rosier. 

Gotta pack my stuff now (so not me, I used to be ready weeks ahead when going out somewhere in the past). Ta ta!!!

P.S. I need my sunshine back!!! Rain, please go away!

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