Once Upon A Time in IKEA

1:41 PM

I just got back from my Malaysia and Singapore vacation thus the lack of update. I only brought my BlackBerry with me so it was a hassle to update on a very small screen (only because I wanted to travel light for the first time). Anyway, I will be talking about travelling light in another post. I will just be sharing my very first ever trip to IKEA in Singapore. We went to the Alexandra store. Thanks to Amayah for guiding us through the trip. We missed this activity during our Hong Kong trip so it was double the fun this time.

The store is something that I enjoyed a lot. I was actually wishing that IKEA will have a showroom here in the Philippines too (as in the real IKEA). I was daydreaming while browsing through the choices. I liked the idea of not having a store assistant in every corner. Instead, IKEA has catalogs, tape measures, notepads and pencils available for use. This is probably one of the ways where the store cut costs thus delivering quality products at the lowest cost possible.

IKEA in Alexandra Singapore is not very hard to find. You can either bring your own car, travel by bus or MRT (which are very efficient mode of transportation I should say). Check the IKEA website for directions on how to go to the store. Oh by the way, there is also a free shuttle service on weekends.

Here are some of the pictures I took while inside the store:

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