Transformers 3D Ride At Universal Studios Singapore

8:00 PM

When we went to Universal Studios Singapore a couple of weeks ago, me and Olive were lucky to have tried the test ride/run-up of the Transformers 3D Ride. based on the film franchise of the same name and will employ 3D high-definition video and audio-animatronics. We entered one of the sci-fi city area not knowing what to expect.

Ninja Shot 1. Photography is not allowed inside the NEST facility but before I kept my camera in my bag I had to snap a few pictures. 

Ninja Shot  2. Photography is not allowed inside the NEST facility but before I kept my camera in my bag I had to snap a few pictures.  This is the waiting line. Those with serious health conditions were discouraged to try the ride. 

We entered the NEST facility and it looked a lot like the real thing I just saw in the movie. The command center bunker where you wait for your turn to ride sets you in the mood with the voice overs and graphics displayed in one too many monitors. Yes, I admit I watch and like the movie. I wasn't prepared of what's to come during the ride though. I tell you, it was AMAZING! The effects were spectacular. The unexpected turns, the flips, the fast and slow sequence, the thrill, and that drop near the end was all noteworthy. You will be so close to the Autobots and Decepticons. Hot air and fog generate the illusion of an explosion. I am not a big fan of amusement rides but this ride changed everything. I am a convert. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I would not go into more detail as I want you all to be surprised too. You really have to try the ride so you can relate to what I am saying. I am 101% sure that this will be a big hit.

After more than two months of non-stop tests and ensuring that the ride is safe and fun at the same time, Universal Studios Singapore is finally ready to unveil its multi-million dollar Transformers 3D ride on December 3.

Among its firsts is a new Autobot called EVAC, specially created for the ride.

John Hallenbeck, vice president of park operations at Universal Studios Singapore, said: "We're looking to definitely have people walk in the door, and when they get off the attraction, to be blown away. I've been in this business for a long time and this by far is one of the best attractions we've ever developed."

What are you all waiting for? Schedule your Universal Studios Singapore visit now. Be reminded though that riders must be at least 122 centimetres (48 in) to ride alone or 102 centimetres (40 in) if they are with an adult.

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