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I don't know how to answer that question when in reality I am down. I am down with a flu. This week was rather busy for me.

My busy week started out last Monday when I accompanied my mom to attend the 25th anniversary of DOST-TAPI at the Heritage Hotel in Pasay City. She was one of the speakers and I sat there listening to technology and project reports from different individuals and taking random pictures. We went home a little after lunchtime and I immediately went to bed because I still have to report for work Monday night. I went to work and then when I got home me and my mom went to the main office of my previous company to claim my last paycheck and then cash it out. It was more than what I expected so we were more than glad to find that out and went for a little shopping. I finally got my red luggage which you will be seeing on one my next posts.

Mom receiving her certificate and token of appreciation. 

Mom at the VIP table. 

We were served pastries for snacks. I didn't bother taking pictures of what I ate for lunch. I was too hungry to care. 

We had lunch at HEAT EDSA Shangri-La Hotel last Tuesday. I had fun bonding with my mom. We haven't done that for so long. I like how my mom lets me be when shopping and stops me when I eat so much. Haha! There were so many yummy food at the buffet that I went back for seconds. Here are some pictures I took:

Mom showing me her plate full of DESSERTS! How come she can have so many when I couldn't? Haha! Nah, I was not in the mood for any sweets that time. All I wanted was to create variations of smorrebrod when I saw their bread selection.

Whoa! Baby lobsters! This was an instant hit for me. 

Fruit pickle and okra and tomato dishes. I forgot the names. Arrrgh! 

I love Indian Food! I guess I appreciate spice more now that I am hooked to cooking shows...

The bread selection! I stood in front of this area for a little while just thinking about variations of smorrebrod I can make. I opted to use rye and made me a mix of vegetables and smoked salmon. 

Vegetable and fruit salad bar. The asparagus with quial eggs tasted good. 

My own version of smorrebrod. A Danish open-faced sandwich that is usually eaten for lunch. 

These looks so heavenly and fragile that I didn't want to touch it. Haha! 

Meringue!!! I left this with the French and Swiss guests. Too sweet for my liking...

Marshmallow on sticks. Where's the bonfire? 

I have so much more pictures in my memory card but I don't want to bore you. There weren't that many choices but the food selection were all sooooo good. My mom rarely raves about food but she did when we went to this place. Visit HEAT (Healthy Eating, Amazing Tastes) when you have the time. 

After lunch, it was still pouring rain outside the hotel and I got drenched while opening my umbrella. Good thing I was on leave that night so I didn't have to report for work. I then felt that my throat was scratchy when I woke up and I did not take medicine but instead relied on water to make me better. Big mistake!!! Friday came and I felt like I don't have bones anymore. I felt so weak and feverish. I also lost my appetite. I just stayed in bed and called in sick. I hate this feeling of being under the weather. Then again, this situation only affirms that I am still alive and is still continually battling with life. What's up? My hopes are up that I will feel better soon. Weekends spent in bed because of influenza is no fun at all...

I hope you are all healthy and taking care of your health.

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