The Magic of Concealer

12:01 AM

Just thought I'd share this interesting video I saw a couple of days ago. In late 2011, Rick Genest became part of a campaign entitled "Go Beyond the Cover", promoting Dermablend professional makeup products, appearing in a video where a makeup team covered all the tattoos on his head, torso, arms, and part of his back in its concealer product, with the cover-up process video documentation played in reverse to show the concealer's effectiveness.

Featured Song In Video: "There Is Hope" Zoo Brazil feat. Rasmus Kellerman

Here's the behind the scenes:

By the way, in case the guy looks familiar to you and if you are wondering who he is, he's the famous Zombie Boy (Rick Genest) who starred in Lady Gaga's Born This Way video. He is a Canadian artist and fashion model born in Montreal. He's got interesting body art which I don't dream of getting but I like the power of the concealer used.

Where can I get Dermablend products here in the Philippines?

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